Pokemon Unite: Dragonite Score And Hyper Beam Build

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Pokemon Unite: Dragonite Score And Hyper Beam Build

Make Dragonite more effective in the matches.

The newly released Dragonite is a melee All-Rounder in the game. It might not be as overpowered as some people previously expected it to be, but the Dragon type Pokemon surely qualifies as a solid pick. With the right Held Items and the correct selection of Movesets, Dragonite can easily be a great asset to most teams.

Held Items

The loadout screen for Dragonite showing the items Score Shield and Attack Weight equipped

Before we drop the names of all the Held Items for Dragonite, it is important to know how we are aiming to play the Pokemon. Our primary aim will be to score as many goals as we can, but also take good fights and make a massive impact in them. However, if Dragonite falls behind, we will focus on farming and scoring a little more.

Since our objective is to score goals, we will take a Score Shield and an Attack Weight to go in line with it. While Score Shield will guarantee we get those goals, Attack Weight will help amplify our damage with it. This will especially benefit the Pokemon because it has good points in scoring.

Muscle Band is also a great pick up here, since we will spam those basic attacks and Dragonite will benefit from increased damage.


With these held items, the focus will be on Hyper Beam and Dragon Dance build. This will help Dragonite fight and score to become even more powerful as the match goes on.

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