Pokemon Unite: Decidueye Best Moveset And Held Items

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Pokemon Unite: Decidueye Best Moveset And Held Items

Decidueye does an insane amount of damage with proper build and items.

Decidueye is the newest addition to the Pokemon Unite family. It's a ranged attacker which excels in taking solo objectives in the game. Although it does decent damage, Decidueye suffers with lack of mobility and has very little HP pool. However, to use the Pokemon to its best abilities, here is a Moveset and item guide for it.

Decidueye Held Items Syncing With Moveset

The load out screen for Decidueye showing the details of the Muscle Band equipped

We'll focus on Decidueye’s basic attacks, which stack with every hit the Pokemon makes. Every third hit, Decidueye strikes with a boosted attack which packs more quills with slightly less damage. This means the Pokemon needs items which buff its attack. One of the top tier items which does this job is Muscle Band. Not only does this item help increase the damage of normal hits but also goes well with Decidueye’s boosted attack.

To further complement Decidueye’s attacks and moves like Long Reach, we will use Scope Lens. This will provide insane damage potential and go well with its abilities to deal critical damage to enemies.

For dealing damage, Razor Leaf is the best option as it hurls leaves at a maximum of three enemy Pokemon, increasing attack speed and damage which goes well with Muscle Band and Scope Lens.

After reaching level 8, we will select Shadow Sneak, as Leaf Storm feels very underwhelming. Shadow Sneak gives Decidueye a much needed movement speed boost and also slows down the opposing Pokemon it hits.

The third and final item for Decidueye depends on the player’s style. Both Energy Amplifier and Focus Band are good choices. Where Energy Amplifier helps deal more damage and boosts Unite Move, Focus Band helps Decidueye stay alive in the game.

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