Pokemon Unite: Best Tsareena Build In The Meta

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Pokemon Unite: Best Tsareena Build In The Meta

The only Tsareena build you need.

Tsareena is a melee all-rounder which deals great damage and is also quite survivable in the game. We will play with the Pokemon’s strengths, which will help us dominate most games. Tsareena also offers decent mobility, which makes it a fun to play character. Although not completely overpowered, Tsareena is easily a high A-Tier or low S-Tier Pokemon. With that in mind, let’s check out its Held Items and Moveset.

Tsareena Held Items


For Held Items, we will choose Attack Weight and sync it with Score Shield. With these two items, the more goals Tsareena scores the better, as it will keep increasing the Pokemon’s attack damage. With high mobility and durability, it will benefit Tsareena greatly. A Buddy Barrier, as its third item will set things up nicely. It will enable the Tsareena to contribute in team fights and become even more tanky when the Pokemon uses its Unite Move.

Tsareena Moveset

A combination of Triple Axel with Grassy Glide is something we have seen quite a lot of players try in the games and it becomes a strong moveset. In fact, with the above Held Items this moveset will become even more effective. Triple Axel is where Tsareena will spin-kick three times and gain basic attack speed for a short while. Grassy glide will help you move in and out of fights and deal damage at the same time. It also grants you a shield. The moveset will allow you to dish damage and score goals, which are two key components required to win games.

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