Pokemon Unite: Best Pokemon In The Game Right Now

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Pokemon Unite: Best Pokemon In The Game Right Now

A tier list of the best Pokemon Pokemon Unite right now.

It is that time again when we sit down and list a few of the cream characters in Pokemon Unite. There have been a few additions and patches, but a few of the previous bunch of Pokemon are still very effective. However, we have listed all the characters we think are doing extremely well in solo or party queues of Pokemon Unite.


Cinderace the bipedal, rabbit Pokemon delivers a fly kick, beside them the words "Blaze through the competition and go for the goal" appear in white letters with a purple outline

Cinderace has been a top performer for a while now. It needs a good start in the game, but once the Pokemon has adequate levels, it can do some serious damage to the opposition. Both Pyro Ball and Blaze Kick are impressive abilities and choices are completely in the hands of the player. Cinderace is S-class without a doubt.


Pikachu in cover

Pikachu is a great Pokemon to play in your solo queue games. After a few buffs to the character, it now dishes out a good amount of damage in the mid to late game. Pikachu is also good at stealing farm and getting last hits on Drednaw, Rotom or even Zapdos. However, It is important to have good positioning and know when to go in and out of fights.


The Pokemon Venusaur appears, lashing his vine like appendages, beside him read the words "Take root and strike opponents from afar" in purple and white letters, the pokemon's name "Venusaur" appears in bold orange and white letters beneath

Besides being annoying to the opposition, Venusaur is a dominant character to play. The mobility and tanky characteristics make it a powerful asset. Venusaur also does incredible amounts of damage in the mid-game. Very few Pokemon have ranged attacks and be tanky and tricky to kill, but Venusaur is an exception.


Hoopa from Pokemon Unite

Hoopa is the most recent addition to Pokemon Unite. Although some people reacted with negative comments about the new support, upon a more in-depth analysis, we see Hoopa’s potential. You can read about its best Movesets and Held Items in our guide here. Players can actually play Hoopa in a more offensive manner and that makes it an interesting character. Hoopa does some tremendous damage and with the right guide, it can be above S-tier.


Lucario, a bipedal, canine-like Pokémon with predominantly blue and black fur, appears next to the words "Channel your aura and remain steadfast before the opposition! " in white letters with purple outline

The constant and evergreen Pokemon, Lucario is still a top pick. Lucario is very strong in the early game and the changing meta has little effect on its overall impact on a match. The character does everything and better than most other Pokemon. It has been on our tier lists forever now and we are just waiting to see a nerf which will probably end Lucario's reign.


Talonflame in cover

Talonflame is arguably one of the best Pokemon to play in solo queue games. It disrupts the flow of the game and can catch the damage dealing squishy attacker enemy Pokemon easily. Talonflame provides great burst damage to take out one Pokemon from the fight, which is good in most situations. A very simple Pokemon to play, Talonflame may do wonders in the lower skill games, but use it with caution in high rank games.


Eldegoss, a grass type Pokémon that has a light green head with amber-brownish eyes with darker green triangles above both said eyes. Beside them are the words "Support the team and sow the seeds of victory!" In white letters with a purple outline -  best Pokemon Pokemon Unite

The supreme support of the game. Eldegoss is great to add with late game attacker Pokemon like Cinderace, Greninja and Gardevoir. It is great in fights when the team is taking a common objective. However, it is important to note that Eldegoss requires some degree of coordination in the team to be S-tier support. It is also a tricky Pokemon to play.

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