Pokemon Unite: Best Attacking Type Tier List

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Pokemon Unite: Best Attacking Type Tier List

Some Pokemon are just really strong.

Pokemon Unite picks up pace when you are on the battlefield. Having the correct Pokemon is vital and so is choosing one before the match starts. However, with so many unique Pokemon and types to choose from, it can be challenging to know which ones work the best in the current meta. That is where our tier lists come in. We have compiled the best Attacking type Pokemon and have assigned a specific tier to them based on our experience with these awesome creatures. Here are the top five Attacking type Pokemon you can take to battle!


Cinderace is a ranged attacker who is known for its high attacking prowess and tremendous speed. Evolving from Scorbunny to Raboot at level five, and to Cinderace at level seven, this Fire-type Pokemon is definitely S-tier. Cinderace is easy to play and does its job well. It has the Blazing Bicycle Kick ability which gives critical damage to opponents, making it a powerful weapon in any match.


Another ranged attacker on the list, Cramorant, is a difficult Pokemon to play. However, it’s a solid choice for anyone looking to attack from a safe distance and dominate the battlefield.  Cramorant’s Gulp Missile enables it to attack with the prey it has caught and deal immense damage. It also has the ability to damage multiple units at the same time. It’s a water-flying type Pokemon that sits at S-tier.

Alolan Ninetales

Coming in with a lot of range and Crowd Control, Ninetales is another S-tier Pokemon. Creating a blizzard of snow around its opponents, Snow Globe is Ninetales’ Unite move. The Ice and Fairy type Ninetales is a strong character who does a lot without getting in much danger. At level one, it's an Alolan Vulpix and evolves into Ninetales at level four.


Greninja is a ranged attacker who is decent in the meta. It’s a Water+Dark type Pokemon that offers Waterburst Shuriken as its Unite move in the game. The special move throws a huge water shuriken at the opponent from above. It starts out as Froakie at level one, then evolves into to Frogadier at level five, and finally to Greninja at level seven. This Pokemon is B to B+ tier at best.


Pikachu was one of the S-tier heroes, but after the latest update, it feels a little underwhelming. With Thunderstorm being its Unite move, it’s a decent pick. However, the Pokemon doesn’t feel strong at any stage of the game. At most, it is in the B to B+ tier. Pikachu is definitely a favorite for many players, but cannot stand up against some of the S-tier Pokemon.

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