Pokemon Unite: 5 Tips To Become Better At The Game

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Pokemon Unite: 5 Tips To Become Better At The Game

A few tips to help you in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite can be a tricky game to play, especially if an unaccustomed player is playing a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title. Even players with experience of MOBA may struggle to win after a while, because Pokemon Unite is a unique game with its own set of controls and strategies to master. With so many new players joining the game, here are few tips to help them develop better and hopefully win more games.

Know the Roles of your Pokemon

Pokemon available for play in Unite included Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu

There are different categories of Pokemon, and it is important to note their roles in the game. The five different categories of Pokemon include Attacker, Speedster, All-Rounder, Defender and Supporter. Each category name is apt and represents the Pokemon’s role in the game and it is important that players respect it while playing. For example, an Attacker type Pokemon is weak in the early phases of the game, but gets way stronger in the end-game. So it is mostly a Defender or Support’s job to keep Attackers safe. Attackers and All-Rounders are level dependent and need to make last hits on Wild Pokemon to get the maximum benefit.

Choose the right items

The equip menu for a Camorant shows two items equipped and one slot still to be unlocked

New players tend to use default items with their Pokemon, but Held Items are one of the most important elements for winning in matches. Every Pokemon is different, and it is vital to choose items according to the meta and build of a specific Pokemon. These items are divided into three main categories, Score, Attack and Defense. As the name suggests, items help improve a Pokemon’s scoring, attacking or defending abilities.

Upgrade your Items

The items upgrade screen, showing the players Float Stone upgrade to 5

Choosing the correct items according to a specific Pokemon is just the first step. Upgrading items is the next important stage to ensure you are ready to face tough opponents in your matches. We can upgrade Held Items up to grade 30 and with each upgrade the items get a boost; providing more benefits to your Pokemon. At early levels and ranks, lower level items might suffice. However, players require greater level items after reaching higher ranks or trainer levels.

Focus On Farming

The Pokemon Sylveon farms for Aeos and XP

Farming XP and Aeos energy by defeating Wild Pokemon is the number one priority at the start of the game. However, it is also extremely important to farm along with fighting the enemy in the rest of the game too. The fact that killing specific Wild Pokemon provides you or your entire team with buffs is also a huge bonus.

Know the importance Of Zapdos

A party make their final moves to take Zapdos during the final moments of a Pokemon Unite match

Most new players ignore Zapdos completely, but this is the perfect phase to learn how to play around this legendary boss Pokemon. The last two minutes of the match give double points for scoring. Plus taking Zapdos during this time gives 30 Aeos energy to the player with the last hit and 20 to others on the team. It also gives the ability to dunk points instantaneously, removing the channeling time. This means the game can turn on its tail during the last couple of minutes.

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