Pokemon Sleep Tips

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Pokemon Sleep Tips

Pokemon Sleep has been out for a hot minute and we've been putting some serious hours into it. Here is a brief collection of our Pokemon Sleep Tips.

Pokemon Sleep is great. And who would've thought that making a game out of going to sleep at reasonable times, keeping a regular sleep rhythm, and sleeping for 8.5 would work?

The universally adorable aesthetics of Pokemon together with a fairly addicting low-effort gameplay can even bring the most depraved games writer back from the brink. Trust me, I slept an average of 5.5 hours last week and went to bed at a reasonable time (6 AM).

Pokemon Sleep Tips

Pokemon Sleep Tips & Tricks

So here are a few tips to get you sleeping soundly while getting the most out of your research efforts!

Just Sleep

Who would've guessed that a game called Pokemon Sleep is about sleeping? At the start of every week, the game makes you pick your general bedtime. And the game will reward you if you go to bed 30 minutes before or after that set time.

(You can also cheese this by just activating the sleep timer and finishing watching that YouTube essay for a few more hours.)

The game will then calculate a score depending on how much shut-eye you got. With 8 hours and 30 minutes being the maximum score you can reach.

Alternatively, the game lets you record 2 sleep sessions a day. As long as you reach 8 hours and 30 minutes at the end of a day. You'll be fine. This is Pokemon telling you that you should take that well-deserved nap. Keep in mind that you'll need to record at least 90 minutes of sleep time for the game to score it.

Checking In

You may have noticed that your Pokemon Research Partners are gathering resources throughout the day. Berries to feed to Snorlax, ingredients to cook for Snorlax, and valuable candies you can then use to level up your helpers.

Don't make my mistake of checking in once in the morning and once before bed. You can collect resources from your Pokemon friends once every 2 hours.

But you'll also have to consider their Frequency of Help stats, make sure to check them to figure out an optimal gathering schedule. Their Nature, Speciality, and Energy Level will also affect the amount of resources gathered by your Pokemon Helpers.

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Helper Management

Out the gate, try to gather as many Pokemon Helpers as possible. After every sleep session, the game lets you recruit Pokemon to your noble cause of catching some well-deserved snoozes. Your goal is to have at least a primary and secondary team of helpers, eventually having a bunch of teams to cycle between.

Just like you, your Pokemon can become tired. You want to swap them out during the day and make sure your main team is well-rested once you get up.

Sleep Types Explained

Pokemon Sleep promotes four different types of sleep: Dozing, Snoozing, Slumbering, and Balanced. Each of these types will attract different Pokemon through the night, which will then be available to be recruited. Here is a short breakdown of all the types of sleep.


Dozing: Dozing is a sleep type for those unfortunate of us to have a hard time getting sleep. It's achieved in Pokemon Sleep by making sounds and moving around. This will generally attract Pokemon of the Grass, Poison, Fighting, and Bug Type.

Snoozing: Snoozing is the more average type of sleep. There is some movement and noise but not as much as the Dozing type. This type of sleep will attract Electric, Normal and Fire Type Pokemon and make them available for you to recruit.

Slumbering: Slumbering is a peaceful type of sleep. It requires no movement and little to no sound while sleeping. If you manage to get this regularly, I have the highest respect for you. This type of sleep attracts Water, Ground, and Baby Pokemon. Can also be easily achieved by placing your phone a little away from yourself.

Balanced: Balanced is the secret, hidden sleep type that requires a combination of all three. Achieving this type of sleep means you have acquired the status of a functional human being. Congratulations! This style will attract Pokemon of all the previously mentioned types.

Read the Tips

Pokemon Sleep is not just here to catch and collect them all, again. No the game will frequently hand out great advice to sleep more soundly and ultimately achieve a more healthy schedule. If you don't decide to cheese it.

So consider some of these tips, like taking a bath before going to bed, having a glass of water, or making sure you didn't have coffee an hour before you go to bed. Only insane people would do that, like me.

Collect your Rewards

Pokemon Sleep is a game that rewards you for going to bed on time, sleeping for a sufficient time, and keeping regular patterns. One of these rewards is your stamp card which rewards you every time you go to bed on time. Great right?

Biscuit Management

In this game, you buy your Pokemon's undying loyalty with Biscuits, which you can either buy with Sleep Points which are earned by sleeping and completing quests. Pokemon come in four variants, Normal, Hungry, Rare, and Shiny.

Hungry Pokemon will get an extra boost to their Friendship meter when you feed them for the first time, so you should give them the Bonus Biscuit you get every night. Poke Biscuits raise their Friendship by 1, Great Biscuits by 3 and Master Biscuits will max out their bar immediately.


Feed your Snorlax

Raising your Snorlax over the cause of the week is an essential part of playing Pokemon Sleep. Snorlax will gain snooze power if you feed it regularly, find berries and sleep a sufficient amount of time.

Most important however is having your Snorlax's feeding time down. Snorlax can be fed three times a day, between 6 AM and 12 AM for Breakfast, between 12 AM and 6 PM for Lunch, and between 6 PM and 6 AM for Dinner. Take note that these times depend on your phone's timezone, not server time.

Also, make sure to keep your Snorlax's eating habits in mind to maximize cooking efficiency.

Find the Right Team

If you're just starting out your Pokemon Sleep journey, don't panic. We're in this for the long run. Over time you'll accumulate a whole bunch of Pokemon, level them up, and raise them to complement each other. For this, you want to keep an eye on their abilities, depending on your Snorlax's preferences or the location, this will come in handy.

Don't Cheat Yourself and Take it Easy

Last but not least, don't try and game the system (unless there is a specific Pokemon you want). This game was developed to help you get at least one portion of your life under control. So don't rush and try to optimize every single thing to complete that Pokedex.

Make sure to follow onscreen tips, make some heartfelt reflections on your bad habits (such as going to bed at ungodly hours), and make some Pokemon friends as a result of it! So go out there and have a good sleep.

That wraps up everything we got on Pokemon Sleep, check out or dedicated Pokemon page here for more content in the near future!

Pokemon Sleep Tips
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