Pokemon Sleep Pokedex – All Available Pokemon And Types

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Pokemon Sleep Pokedex – All Available Pokemon And Types

The Pokemon Sleep Pokedex is massive. There are many Pokemon to catch and discover, so here is a short guide to how to get them and where you'll find them.

Who would've guessed that Pokemon Sleep would also feature a massive Pokedex for you to fill out while getting your horrible sleeping rhythm under control? Not only are there 104 Pokemon in the game right now, but they all also come with different Sleep Styles, different Rarities, and even Shinys.

So we compiled everything you need to know about filling out your Pokedex.


Pokemon Sleep Research Areas

The different Research Areas in Pokemon Sleep determine which kinds of Pokemon you'll meet while catching some Z's. There are currently 4 different Areas that will unlock one after another, depending on your current state of progression. Here's a quick rundown of all of them.

Greengrass Isle

Green Grass Isle is the only Research Area you'll have available at the start. Here you can also find the most variety of Pokemon.

Cyan Beach

This beach-themed Research Area becomes available to you after you've Registered at least 20 Sleep Styles (different Sleep Styles of the same Pokemon also count). Here you'll find an influx of Water-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Sleep Research Areas

Taupe Hollow

In these caverns, you'll find many Rock-and Ground-type Pokemon while resting. It unlocks after you've registered at least 70 Sleep Styles.

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Snowdrop Tundra

While the freezing cold isn't exactly known to promote a good night's sleep, you'll find a lot of Ice-type Pokemon here. This Research Area will only unlock after you've Registered at least 150 Sleep Styles.

During the week, you can also use the E-Zzz Travel Ticket, which goes for 150 Diamonds at the General Store to travel between already unlocked Research Areas.

Pokemon Sleep Styles EN

Pokemon Sleep Pokedex

All the Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep have different values and conditions that you need to fulfill in order to get them to appear. It has mainly to do with your Sleep Type, but the Strength of your Snorlax's Snoozepower is also a big factor.

To put it simply, feed your Snorlax regularly, have a strong team of Research Partners, and later throughout the week you'll have the opportunity to catch rear Pokemon. Isn't that neat?

So here is the complete Pokedex of Pokemon Sleep:

Pokémon Type Sleep Type
Bulbasaur Grass Dozing
Ivysaur Grass Dozing
Venusaur Grass Dozing
Charmander Fire Snoozing
Charmeleon Fire Snoozing
Charizard Fire Snoozing
Squirtle Water Slumbering
Wartortle Water Slumbering
Blastoise Water Slumbering
Caterpie Bug Dozing
Metapod Bug Dozing
Butterfree Bug Dozing
Rattata Normal Snoozing
Raticate Normal Snoozing
Ekans Poison Dozing
Arbok Poison Dozing
Pikachu Electric Snoozing
Raichu Electric Snoozing
Jigglypuff Fairy Snoozing
Wigglytuff Fairy Snoozing
Diglett Ground Snoozing
Dugtrio Ground Snoozing
Meowth Normal Snoozing
Persian Normal Snoozing
Psyduck Water Dozing
Golduck Water Slumbering
Mankey Fighting Dozing
Primeape Fighting Dozing
Growlithe Fire Snoozing
Arcanine Fire Snoozing
Bellsprout Grass Dozing
Weepinbell Grass Dozing
Victreebel Grass Dozing
Geodude Rock Slumbering
Graveler Rock Slumbering
Golem Rock Slumbering
Slowpoke Water Snoozing
Slowbro Water Snoozing
Magnemite Steel Slumbering
Magneton Steel Slumbering
Doduo Flying Slumbering
Dodrio Flying Slumbering
Gastly Ghost Dozing
Haunter Ghost Dozing
Gengar Ghost Dozing
Cubone Ground Slumbering
Marowak Ground Slumbering
Kangaskhan Normal Snoozing
Pinsir Bug Dozing
Ditto Normal Snoozing
Eevee Normal Snoozing
Vaporeon Water Slumbering
Jolteon Electric Snoozing
Flareon Fire Snoozing
Chikorita Grass Dozing
Bayleef Grass Dozing
Meganium Grass Dozing
Cyndaquil Fire Snoozing
Quilava Fire Snoozing
Typhlosion Fire Snoozing
Totodile Water Slumbering
Croconaw Water Slumbering
Feraligatr Water Slumbering
Pichu Electric Slumbering
Igglybuff Fairy Slumbering
Togepi Fairy Slumbering
Togetic Fairy Snoozing
Mareep Electric Snoozing
Flaaffy Electric Snoozing
Ampharos Electric Snoozing
Sudowoodo Rock Slumbering
Espeon Psychic Snoozing
Umbreon Dark Dozing
Slowking Water Snoozing
Wobbuffet Psychic Snoozing
Heracross Bug Dozing
Houndour Dark Dozing
Houndoom Dark Dozing
Larvitar Rock Slumbering
Pupitar Rock Slumbering
Tyranitar Dark Dozing
Slakoth Normal Snoozing
Vigoroth Normal Dozing
Slaking Normal Snoozing
Sableye Dark Dozing
Gulpin Poison Dozing
Swalot Poison Dozing
Swablu Flying Slumbering
Altaria Dragon Dozing
Absol Dark Dozing
Wynaut Psychic Slumbering
Spheal Ice Slumbering
Sealeo Ice Slumbering
Walrein Ice Slumbering
Bonsly Rock Slumbering
Riolu Fighting Slumbering
Lucario Fighting Slumbering
Croagunk Poison Dozing
Toxicroak Poison Dozing
Magnezone Steel Slumbering
Togekiss Fairy Snoozing
Leafeon Grass Dozing
Glaceon Ice Slumbering
Sylveon Fairy Snoozing
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Pokemon Sleep Pokedex – All Available Pokemon And Types
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