Pokemon Go Routes are Coming – a Classic Feature on the Go

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Pokemon Go Routes are Coming – a Classic Feature on the Go

Pokemon Go Routes is coming on Thursday, as the game offers players a new way to experience a Pokemon series staple feature.

Update 25/9: Routes looks to be rolling out across the world now with multiple confirmations in Europe from the UK to Sweden etc. 

Travelling along Routes is something anyone familiar with a Pokemon game has done before. Now, Pokemon Go Routes looks to bring this classic feature to players on the go.  Routes will task players with following a route from a PokeStop or Gym, and traveling along it to the destination. With XP, candies, and unique Pokemon as rewards for taking part. The new feature will debut alongside a new “Blaze New Trails” event, starting on Friday 10 am, on Monday 8pm Local Time.

Pokemon Go Routes – What are they

Make a Pokemon Go Route

  • Choose a PokeStop or Gym to be the starting point of your adventure
  • Hit record to begin your Route
  • AFter filling out some information, submit the route for review
  • If accepted, your route will now be available for other local Pokemon Go players to follow
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Exploring Pokemon Go Routes

  • Check the Route tab from the Nearby menu to see local Routes you can follow
  • Choose one, and plan our your trip
  • Follow the Route and collect unique items and XP

Pokemon Go Routes Zygarde Cells

  • While exploring, you might encounter Zygarde Cells
  • Collect Zygarde Cells in order to make up Zygarde in your Zygarde Cube. These cells will change the form of Zygarde
  • “From A to Zygarde” is a new Special Research that will go alongside the new feature

Pokemon Go Routes bonuses

  • First-time completion of a new route will reward a route badge
  • Buddy Candy is acquired at a faster pace on Routes.
  • Incense is more effective while traveling along a route
  • Your first Pokemon Go Route of the day will offer increased XP. Doing 7 Routes will also offer an XP bonuses
  • Earn Buddy Hearts when completing a Route with your Buddy following you

When does Pokemon Go Routes launch

Routes is beginning to go live now to players globally. A special event will be live from July 21st at  10:00 a.m. to Monday, July 24, at 8:00 p.m local time.

Pokemon Go Routes Blaze New Trails event

Pokemon debut

Zygarde will make a debut during the event

Wild Encounters

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Event bonuses

  • 2/3 distance to earn Buddy Candy while exploring Routes with your buddy.
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  • Increased chance to encounter Shiny Yungoos.