Persona 3 Reload Social Stats and How to Increase Them

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Persona 3 Reload Social Stats and How to Increase Them

Since in Persona 3 Reload you will have the possibility of having relationships (amorous or otherwise) with other characters, you must keep an eye on the Persona 3 Reload social stats that are present in the game. Unlike the other games in the series, however, there will only be three social stats you need to worry about: Academics, Charm, and Courage. This, however, should not distract you from the issue and make you think that it could be easier, because there will still be some challenges that you will have to face.

Persona 3 Reload Social Stats Overview

As we said, in Persona 3 Reload, there are only three social stats you will have to worry about. Academics is used to measure your skill at school; Charm is used to see how you fare in social life; and, finally, Courage is used to measure your ability to face difficulties. But what exactly are they for? One of the first important things you need to know is that you won't be able to interact with some characters unless you have a certain level in one of these social stats.

  • Mitsuro: Academics level 6
  • Yukari: Charm level 6
  • Fuuka: Courage level 6
  • Tanaka: Charm level 4
  • Mutatsu: Courage level 4
  • Nozomi: Charm level 2
  • Bebe: Academics level 2

Another important thing you need to know is that how your exams go will affect your Academics social stat. For this reason, as we have explained in this guide, it is important that you give the right answers to the exams you will have to take during your adventure. Also, don't forget that some secret menu items require a high level of Courage or Charm to order. Consequently, don't underestimate Persona 3 Reload social stats.

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There are several activities you can do that will increase your social stat and give you access to start talking to Mitsuru and Bebe.

Study at the desk in your bedroom

You can study in your dorm room whenever you have free time to improve your academic performance.

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Study in the library at Gekkoukan

Whenever the school is open, you can choose to study in the library instead. It's better than studying in the dorms, and you'll get an extra point for your academics.

Study with SEES before exams

Before a school exam, your teammates might be studying together in the dorm lounge in the evenings. You can join them to earn some academic points and enjoy some valuable cutscenes.

Stay awake in class

If you can choose to sleep in class, stay awake to get an extra point for academics.

Work at Screen Shot

On days without classes, you can work an afternoon shift at Screen Shot at Port Island Station. This job will pay you in yen and increase both your Courage and Academics.

Work at Be Blue V

Be Blue V starts operating on 7/22, and deciding to work there any weekday after school not only improves your Academics but also enhances your Charm.

Order from Wakatsu

In the Iwatodai Strip Mall, you can locate Wakatsu on the second floor to the left. Getting a meal from here takes some time, but it will also increase your Academics, earning you one point for each meal.

Play “You're The Answer”

You have the option to use a time slot at the arcade in Paulownia Mall to play “You're The Answer” on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Shared PC programs

If you enjoy studying online, playing games like Language Made Easy on the net cafe's shared PC at Iwatodai Dorm can enhance your Academics score.

Go to see movies

Even if you can't work at Screen Shot, you can still visit for a stat boost. They show movies that increase your Academics on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Read with Mitsuru

Once you gain the option to socialize with your teammates at the dorms, go to the second floor and decide to spend the evening with Mitsuru. She possesses a collection of historical books that will boost your Academics.

Persona 3 Reload Classroom Answers


If you want to increase your Persona 3 Reload social stat linked to the Charm, even in this case there are activities you can complete to reach your goal.

Answer correctly in class

If your teachers or friends ask you questions in class and you provide the correct answer, you will earn one point for your Charm social stat.

Work at Cafe Chagall

On Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings, you have the option to take a part-time shift at Cafe Chagall in Paulownia Mall. This will result in earning more yen and gaining Courage points, along with a boost to your Charm.

Work at Be Blue V

Once it opens on 7/22, visit Be Blue V at Paulownia Mall any weekday after school for a significant increase not only in your Charm but also in your Academics.

Drink Pheremone Coffee

When you're not on shift at Cafe Chagall, visit for a cup of Pheromone Coffee to experience a relaxing increase in Charm along with a delightful drink.

Eat at Hagakure Ramen

Purchasing food from Hagakure Ramen on the second floor of Iwatodai Strip Mall will enhance your Charm, and the secret menu items offer an extra boost to your Charm.

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Play “High School of Youth” at the Arcade

Go to the arcade at Game Parade in Paulownia Mall on Mondays and Thursdays, play High School of Youth for ¥3,000, and accumulate some points for your Charm social stat.

Score top of the class on exams

Scoring well on school exams will give you a boost of two points for your Charm score.

Shared PC programs

During the year, the net cafe at Iwatodai Strip Mall offers various programs such as Lessons in Etiquette that can enhance your Charm.

Go to see movies

If you want to gain some Charm points and experience interesting cutscenes, visit Screen Shot on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Watch DVDs with Yukari

Starting on 6/16, you'll gain the capability to watch DVDs in the dormitory lounge. Yukari has DVDs that can boost your Charm, so watch these films with her to increase this stat.

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Finally, the time has come to provide the same type of list for the activities you will have to do to increase the Courage stat in Persona 3 Reload.

Perform karaoke at Mandragora

Right behind the fountain at Paulownia Mall, marked by the rainbow sign on the upper floor, you'll discover Mandragora Karaoke. Singing a round will require ¥1,000 and grant you some Courage points, but it's usually crowded on days off, so you might not always get a chance to participate.

Work at Cafe Chagall

Taking up a part-time job at Cafe Chagall in Paulownia Mall on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights will provide payment in yen and contribute to your Charm, along with a boost in Courage points.

Work at Screen Shot

Taking shifts at Screen Shot at Port Island Station during your school-free days not only provides yen and boosts your Academics stat but also earns you multiple Courage points.

Drink Mr. Edogawa's Concoctions

The day following your visit to Tartarus, go to the nurse's office on the first floor of Gekkoukan High and have a conversation with Mr. Edogawa about his work. Taste his drink.

Eat at Wilduck Burger

The Mystery Burger at Wilduck Burger on the first floor of Iwatodai Strip Mall costs ¥1,000 each, and consuming it will increase your Courage.

Shared PC programs

Once more, there are numerous PC programs available at the net cafe that can elevate your Courage by a few points when you play them on the computer in the dorm lounge. Games such as Animal Othello or TypinGhoul can be beneficial.

Go to see movies

If you want to challenge and strengthen your Courage through movies, Screen Shot will feature films that boost your courage every Monday and Thursday.

Watch DVDs with Akihiko

Once you unlock the DVD player on 6/16, Akihiko views DVDs that enhance your Courage. So, join him in the dorm lounge for a movie when you require an additional point or two.

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Persona 3 Reload Social Stats and How to Increase Them
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