Persona 3 Reload Fusion Guide

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Persona 3 Reload Fusion Guide

If you are a veteran of the Persona series, you will surely know that you have the possibility of creating new Personas thanks to the fusion process. In this article, therefore, we will provide you with a complete Persona 3 Reload fusion guide, so that you can have all the information you need to start carrying out this activity. In fact, as you can imagine, there are some things to take into consideration that we will see together in this article.

Persona 3 Reload Fusion Guide: How to Fuse New Personas

In order to begin the fusion process, you will have to go inside the Velvet Room, which will be available as you progress inside Tartarus. Here, you will be able to obtain new Personas during Shuffle Time. In any case, there are three different types of fusion that you need to take into consideration; let's see together which ones they are.

  • Dyad Fusion: allows you to choose a Persona from those you have available and you will have a list of Personas that you can obtain by referring to the others you have available.
  • Special Fusion: You can use three or more Personas to obtain an even more powerful Persona
  • Fusion Search: allows you to first see the results and then the Personas you need to obtain a certain result.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that you will need to max out your social links so as to be able to unlock very powerful Personas. In fact, as soon as you reach level 10 of a social link, the possibility of fusing the Ultimate Persona of that arcana will be blocked. This is a process that cannot be done before, so it is important to get to the last level of the social link.

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Now that you know this general information, the time has come to concretely see the various Personas you can obtain. We decided to divide the article based on the various arcana that are present in the game and indicate which Personas can be created starting from there.

The Fool

  • Orpheus (level 4): Default
  • Slime (level 12): Apsaras and Ara Mitama
  • Legion (level 26): Naga and Neko Shogun

The Magician

  • Nekomata (level 4): Asparas and Pixie
  • Jack Frost (level 9): Angel and Ara Mitama
  • Jack-o'-Lantern (level 15): Chimera and Archangel
  • Hua Po (level 19): Oberon and Rakshasa
  • Sati (level 29): Mokoi and Principality

The Priestess

  • Asparas (level 7): Shuffle Time
  • Unicorn (level 11): Silky and Ara Mitama
  • High Pixie (level 20): Neko Shogun and Rakshasa
  • Sarasvati (level 32): Mokoi and Shiisaa

The Empress

  • Leanan Sidhe (level 21): Neko Shogun and Inugami

The Emperor

  • Forneus (level 7): Angel and Silky
  • Oberon (level 16): Valkyrie and Jack Frost
  • Take-Mikazuchi (level 23): Naga and Rakshasa
  • Naga Raja (level 43): Lamia and Matador

The Hierophant

  • Omoikane (level 8): Angel and Nekomata
  • Berith (level 13): Archangel and Jack Frost
  • Shiisaa (level 23): Gurulu and Naga
  • Mishaguji (level 48): Lamia and Yamata-no-Orochi

The Lovers

  • Pixie (level 3): Shuffle Time
  • Silky (level 5): Shuffle Time
  • Tam Lin (level 13): Archangel and Asparas
  • Narcissus (level 23): Zouchouten and Naga
  • Queen Medb (level 28): Lamia and Mithras
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The Chariot

  • Ara Mitama (level 6): Default
  • Chimera (level 10): Omoikane and Jack Frost
  • Zouchouten (level 14): Valkyrie and Inugami
  • Mithras (level 24): Naga and Berith
  • Oni (level 31): Lamia and Pale Rider

Persona 3 Reload Fusion Guide

The Justice

  • Angel (level 6): Shuffle Time
  • Archangel (level 10): Omoikane and Ara Mitama
  • Principality (level 16): Jack Frost and Nigi Mitama
  • Power (level 25): Naga and Fortuna

The Hermit

  • Onmoraki (level 9): Omoikane and Nekomata
  • Naga (level 17): Omoikane and Nigi Mitama
  • Lamia (level 25): Shiisaa and Mitra

The Fortune

  • Sandman (level 20): Valkyrie and Omoikane

The Strength

  • Valkyrie (level 11): Asparas and Onmoraki
  • Rakshasa (level 15): Berith and Inugami
  • Matador (level 22): Naga and Mokoi
  • Jikokuten (level 29): Take-Minakata and Mithras

The Hanged

  • Inugami (level 10): Archangel and Forneus
  • Take-Minakata (level 20): Principality and Forneus
  • Orthrus (level 27): Mithras and Mokoi

The Death

  • Pisaca (level 15): Forneus and Inugami
  • Loa (level 33): Oberon and Take-Minakata

The Temperance

  • Nigi Mitama (level 12): Chimera and Valkyrie
  • Mitra (level 22): Zouchouten and Gurulu
  • Genbu (level 30): Take-Minakata and Lamia

The Devil

  • Lilim (level 8): Nekomata and Ara Mitama
  • Mokoi (level 18): Chimera and Jack Frost
  • Baphomet (level 30): Oberon and Mithras

The Tower

  • Eligor (level 31): Shiisaa and Leanan Sidhe

The Star

  • Neko Shogun (level 17): Angel and Valkyrie
  • Setanta (level 29): Oberon and Sandman

The Moon

  • Gurulu (level 14): Jack Frost and Onmoraki
  • Yamato-no-Orochi (level 25): Neko Shogun and Berith

The Sun

  • Yatagarasu (level 24): Gurulu and Neko Shogun

The Aeon

  • Nidhogger (level 47): Gurulu and Leanan Sidhe

Special Fusion Personas

  • Fortuna (level 15): Angel, Silky, and Unicorn
  • Pale Rider (level 23): Berith, Gurulu, and Matador
  • Flauros (level 33): Forneus, Berith, and Eligor
  • Black Frost (level 37): Jack Frost, Jack-o-Lantern, and King Frost
  • Parvati (level 48): Sati, Sarasvati, and Dakini

Persona 3 Reload Fusion Guide

Persona 3 Reload Fusion Guide
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