Persona 3 Reload Burger Challenge Guide

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Persona 3 Reload Burger Challenge Guide

Learn how to beat the Big Eater Challenge at Wilduck Burger in this guide for Persona 3 Reload Burger Challenge

Atlus’ iconic Persona franchise is back with a bang as the latest remake – Persona 3 Reload – is already being hailed as one of the best JRPGs of 2024. And with the new entry, comes a brand new set of interesting side quests and mini-games for players to dive into. Among them, one of our favorite challenges in the game is the Wilduck Burger challenge. This challenge replaces one of the requests Elizabeth makes in the original Persona 3, making it a brand-new experience for those who played the previous title. 

In this article, we will give you an in-depth guide on completing the Persona 3 Reload burger challenge so that you can get it right on your first try. Here’s what you need to know!

How to Start the Persona 3 Reload Burger Challenge

Persona 3 Reload Burger Challenge Guide

To start the challenge, you will need to head over to the Velvet Room and complete 10 requests given by Elizabeth. Her 11th request would be to ask you to “Prevail in the Big Eater Challenge.” Once you accept the quest, then you will be required to go to Wilduck Burger to do the challenge. 

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There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before starting this quest. First of all, you can only do the Wilduck Burger challenge on either a Saturday or Sunday evening. Secondly, completing the quest will replace the Big Eater Challenge on the menu with the Wilduck Weekend Set which rewards you with +3 Courage when eaten instead of the usual +2 you receive from eating the Wilduck Burger. 

How to Complete the Wilduck Burger Challenge

Persona 3 Reload Burger Challenge Guide

You can try doing the Wilduck Burger challenge by yourself. However, this will require some trial and error as you will need to get the correct combination of answers to complete the challenge. Or you can refer to this section to complete it the first time. So, spoilers ahead if you don’t want anything to be given away. With that said, here’s what you need to do:

Make your way towards Wilduck Burger. Go there on either a Saturday or Sunday evening as this is the only time when you can participate in the challenge. When you go inside Wilduck Burger, you will see that you now have the option to enter the Big Eater Challenge. If you accept, then you will be presented with a mountain of food to eat. Now, you will have to make a series of choices to complete the challenge. One wrong move will cause you to fail. So, when the game prompts you, select the following options – 

  • Look away from the burgers
  • Eat without stopping
  • Imagine something sour
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Following this sequence will allow you to complete the Persona 3 Reload burger challenge without breaking a sweat!

What Rewards Do You Get for Completing the Challenge?

If you complete the challenge, you will be rewarded with +2 in Courage, Charm, and Academics. On the other hand, if you fail the challenge, then you will only be rewarded with +2 Courage. So, our advice would be to manually save the game before attempting this challenge in case you want to retry. 

In addition, the next time you visit Wilduck Burger during the weekend, you will have access to the Wilduck Weekend Set, which will give you +3 Courage every time you eat it. A great reward to improve your character’s Courage!

Final Thoughts

Persona 3 Reload has plenty of fun side quests that you can do to improve your character’s stats. Completing the Wilduck Burger challenge is one of our favorites. Not only does this quest reward you with a potent stat boost every time you eat at Wildbuck Burger in the evening, but it is also funny to see the main protagonist chow down on heaps of food! 

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Persona 3 Reload Burger Challenge Guide
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