Paris Legion Win the First Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend

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Paris Legion Win the First Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend

Yesterday saw the first ever CDL Warzone Weekend take place, and the winner wasn't who many expected.

In the Call of Duty League’s Midseason update they announced that there would be a new Warzone Weekend take place before CDL Sunday. This would include all 12 teams, featuring either 4 pro’s or 3 pro’s and 1 special guest. However, unlike usual Warzone tournaments such as Warzone Wednesday, this was not in a kill race format. The teams would be competing for $10k trying to win the game. Kills didn't matter, only the victory mattered for the squads.

This was also our first look at Warzone private matches. It is not clear when these will be coming to the general public, however when they do it could change the format of these Warzone tournaments. While many expected teams such as the Dallas Empire or Atlanta FaZe to win, it was actually the Paris Legion who took the $10k prize.

The team on Zed, Denz, Kismet and Louqa’s tactic seemed to be to complete recon contracts, letting them know the location of the next 2/3 circles. Then they found a building, and stayed in there with their loadouts. Most notably, Zed was using a riot shield to protect his squad.

The first ever Warzone Weekend was a blast to watch, and while Paris may not have won in the way most expected. They played the game well, and came out victorious.

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