Palworld High Quality Pal Oil: How to Get it

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Palworld High Quality Pal Oil: How to Get it

If you want to become increasingly stronger and be able to defeat high-level enemies found in certain areas of the game map, you can't help but look for Palworld High Quality Pal Oil. This resource, in fact, is essential if you want to craft gunpowder weaponry. Without it, it will be practically impossible, so you need to know how to get it. In this article, for this reason, we will tell you everything you need to know about Palworld High Quality Pal Oil so that you are prepared when the need arises.

How to Get Palworld High Quality Pal Oil

Also in this case, as with most of the materials and resources that are present in Palword, you will have different methods available to obtain the Palworld High Quality Pal Oil. The first is to obtain it from the drops of the enemies you will encounter during your adventure, while the second is to purchase it. Let's see together in detail both options available to you.

Get Palworld High Quality Pal Oil from Pals

The first way you can obtain this resource is by capturing or defeating certain Pals that are present in the game world. Be aware that many of these Pals are not at all easy to face or capture, so you will have to be ready for all eventualities. Here, then, is the list of Pals that allow you to obtain this resource:

  • Digitoise
  • Dumud
  • Woolipop
  • Elpidran
  • Flambelle
  • Grintale
  • Mamorest
  • Quivern
  • Relaxaurus
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Our advice is to focus above all on Flambelle, as he is the easiest Pal to capture or kill among those on the list. Furthermore, they are also present in large quantities in the neighboring Verdant Brook and Sealed Realm of the Swift areas. So, if you want to make this search process as fast and efficient as possible, we recommend that you go to those areas and kill and/or capture as many Flambelle as possible.

Palworld High Quality Pal Oil

Buy Palworld High Quality Pal Oil from a Merchant

The second method you have to obtain Palworld High Quality Pal Oil is to buy it from a merchant. To be precise, you will have to head to the Sand Dunes region and meet the merchant located in Duneshelter. The area is not very close, we know, but if you have had the opportunity to go to that area for other explorations, you will most likely have unlocked fast travel points that will make the journey shorter.

In any case, once you manage to get to the settlement (remember, you have to go in the direction of the smoke), all you have to do is look for the merchant inside it. It is located on the right side of the market stalls. Interact with him and you will have the opportunity to buy as much Palworld High Quality Pal Oil as you want, as there is no limit as long as you have the necessary amount of gold. The price is 300 gold a pop, so not a very high price.

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Palworld High Quality Pal Oil

Palworld High Quality Pal Oil: How to Get it
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