Palworld Crossplay and Cross-Progression: All You Need to Know

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Palworld Crossplay and Cross-Progression: All You Need to Know

Does the world of Palworld’s adorable creatures allow for crossplay and cross-progression?

Palworld is a game that aims to redefine the Pokemon genre of games with the inclusion of cute-looking otherworldly animals but a twist that makes them deadly beings, carrying guns. While you can be in awe for as long as you want glancing at the supernatural beauty of the game’s world and the Pokemon-like creatures, we might advise you against that. The creatures are not among the friendliest bunch and if you remain too careless for long they’ll not hesitate to demonstrate their force through chaotic guns.

As expected, this open-world survival game has garnered large-scale public interest, and “Hyped” doesn’t begin to describe how the gamers feel about this game’s release. However, one may find himself wondering, with the multiplayer functionality that this game boasts, if cross-platform gameplay or cross-progression is a thing that’s under the belt.

Palworld Crossplay Availability

As heartbreaking as it may sound, Palworld has no sign of launching with crossplay functionalities on January 19. Despite our deepest desires, we won’t be chilling with our buddies from other platforms.

However, we must urge you to keep your head high for future possibilities. Yes, it is true that this much-desired feature is not included in the game’s current state. But have we forgotten that it’s still in early access? Exactly! It is almost a given that a game of this much popularity and potential will eventually be graced with crossplay features. The developer’s mindful comments on this subject are another reason to reinforce our hope.

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The developer stated in their official discord that they acknowledge the absence of crossplay at launch and how it may be a cause of frustration to some gamers. But they too are aware of how greatly this product would benefit from availing the players the freedom to indulge in this serene world of Palworld across all the platforms. According to them, they’re working tirelessly to add this feature as soon as possible to this game.

Palworld Cross Progression Availability

Be extremely careful, enthusiastic gamers! Palworld has as of yet made no remark about including cross-progression in their roadmap going forward. Therefore, counting on it would be a far cry as this game is still in its infancy. It’s given that a game with such a high potential has the developers busy with other priorities at the moment. So it would be wise to choose your starting platform carefully because after making significant time investment it wouldn’t be great if you had to start all over again because you switched to another platform.

There you go, that’s all there is to it about the popular game Palworld and its crossplay and cross-platform functionality. In order to have access to these features there’s only one thing we can do for now – wait. It can be concluded confidently that we’ll eventually see these options being added to this live service if the devs make the right calls throughout the journey. If not both simultaneously, we’ll surely get one feature followed by the other in an order of sequence deemed right by the devs.

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Palworld Crossplay and Cross-Progression: All You Need to Know
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