Palworld 0x803F8001 Error: How to Fix it

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Palworld 0x803F8001 Error: How to Fix it

Check out how to get rid of the dreaded 0x803F8001 error when starting Palworld and continue playing the game without any interruptions

Palworld is an open-world creature-collector/survivor game that’s been making waves ever since its Early Access release on January 14. Think of it as a fusion of Pokémon and Arc Survival Evolved where you get to collect creatures known as Pals and gather resources to progress through the game world.

The idea is certainly intriguing and since it’s on game pass and steam already, many people have decided to jump into the experience. However, though the game is optimized pretty well for a title that’s still in Early Access, the experience for some people have been less than optimal.

One of the main issues that most gamers have faced is the dreaded error code 0x803F8001 preventing them from booting up the game.

So how do you fix it? Here’s everything you need to know!

What is the Palworld 0x803F8001 Error Code?

Palworld 0x803F8001 Error: How to Fix it

For those who haven’t faced the issue, the error code 0x803F8001 comes up when you try to launch or download Palworld from your library. It’s accompanied by the message “Palworld is currently not available in your account. Make sure you are signed in to the Microsoft Store and try again.”

As frustrating as it is, you’ll be happy to know that this problem isn’t exclusive to Palworld. Many other games in the Xbox or PC Game Pass can show this issue from time to time. So if you’ve bought the steam version of the game, you don’t need to worry about this error code ruining your gameplay.

This error code usually means that your system ran into trouble when downloading or updating the game from the Windows Store. It can be caused by:

  • Faulty System Files
  • Incomplete Updates
  • Problems in the Registry.

Sometimes virus infection can also lead to this issue, but that’s pretty rare. Thankfully, the fix is pretty straightforward. So if you’re stuck on this error code, we’ll help you get sorted and on your way in no time.

How to Fix Palworld Error 0x803F8001 on Windows

To fix the Palworld 0x803F8001 error on your Windows PC, you need to reset the Windows Store. There are three ways to do it.

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Using the Command Prompt

Palworld 0x803F8001 Error: How to Fix it

Here’s how you can get rid of the error code 0x803F8001 using the Command Prompt in your PC:

  • Navigate to the Start Menu and type CMD
  • Use the Run as Administrator option and open the elevated Command Prompt.
  • Type the command: wsreset
  • Wait for the Windows Store to be repaired
  • Close the Store and Restart your Computer

Using Windows Powershell

Palworld 0x803F8001 Error: How to Fix it

Alternatively, you can use the Windows Powershell tool to run a script to get all the essential repair and update files for your Windows Store. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Navigate to the Start Menu and type Windows Powershell
  • Launch the application using the Run as Administrator option
  • Copy and Paste the following script –

# Get all the provisioned packages

$Packages = Get-Item ‘HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx\AppxAllUserStore\Applications' | Get-ChildItem

# Filter the list if a filter is provided

$PackageFilter = $args[0]

if ([string]::IsNullOrEmpty($PackageFilter)) {

echo “No filter specified, attempting to re-register all provisioned apps.”

} else {

$Packages = $Packages | Where-Object { $_.Name -like $PackageFilter }

if ($Packages.Count -eq 0) {

echo “No provisioned apps match the specified filter.”


} else {

echo “Registering the provisioned apps that match $PackageFilter”



# Register each package

ForEach ($Package in $Packages) {

# Get package name & path

$PackageName = $Package | Get-ItemProperty | Select-Object -ExpandProperty PSChildName

$PackagePath = [System.Environment]::ExpandEnvironmentVariables(($Package | Get-ItemProperty).Path)

# Register the package

echo “Attempting to register package: $PackageName”


# Check if the package path exists before attempting to register

if (Test-Path $PackagePath) {

Add-AppxPackage -Register $PackagePath -DisableDevelopmentMode

} else {

echo “Package path not found: $PackagePath”



  • Press Enter and Wait for the Windows Store to Reset
  • Once that’s done, Exit the application and Restart your Computer.

Using the Manual Method

Palworld 0x803F8001 Error: How to Fix it

You can also do things manually if you want. Here’s how you can reset the Windows Store manually in Windows PC.

  • Open the Start Menu and click on Settings
  • Click on Apps and then choose Apps and Features from the left tab.
  • On the Search Bar in the Apps & Feature window type in Microsoft Store
  • Click on it and choose the Advanced Options
  • Scroll down and you should find a Reset button in the new window
  • Click on it and wait for the Windows Store to reset.
  • Exit the program and restart your windows.

The three methods that we described above should help you get rid of the error code and boot up Palworld without further issues in your Windows PC.

How to Fix Palworld Error 0x803F8001 on Xbox

As we said, this error is common both in Windows PC and Xbox. Since it’s a problem that’s related to the Windows Store app, to fix the problem on Xbox, you need to reset your console.

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However, before you do that, there are a couple of things that you should check first:

Check for Outages:

Sometimes, a game server may go down due to maintenance, and if that happens, you might get this error code:

  • Go to the Xbox Support application from your Xbox Dashboard
  • Click on Xbox Status at the top right of your screen
  • Click on Games & Gaming
  • Make sure Palworld has a green tick next to it.

Check Your Network:

Another possibility here is that the game is working fine, but your network is the culprit. The easiest way to check for the issue is to see if you can get to the Store app on your Xbox.

You should also make sure you have an active Game Pass subscription if you’re playing the game using that service. If your subscription runs out and you don’t own a digital copy of the game, you will face this error code.

Reset Your Xbox Console

vPalworld 0x803F8001 Error: How to Fix it

If the game and your network are working fine, but you still can’t launch the game without facing an error code, all you need to do is reset your console.

To do that, go to the System option and proceed to Console Info. Here, you will find the Reset Console option.

Select the Reset Console option and choose the option Reset and Keep My Games & Apps in the following window.

If you choose the Reset and Remove Everything Option, it will also remove all your games and account information. So choose that at your own risk!

Resetting the console can take a while, so go make yourself a cup of coffee while you wait. When the console resets, you should now be able to start the game without the error code coming up.

The Bottom Line

Palworld offers a breath of fresh air by cleverly combining two genres into an interesting new one. It has a massive map for you to explore, full of secrets and mysteries to unravel. And though the game is still in its early phase, we’re already pretty excited to see what comes next.

Hopefully, the error code 0x803F8001 won’t impact your gaming experience too severely. Now that you know how to fix it, you should be able to start playing the game and enjoying all that it has to offer. Good luck!

Palworld 0x803F8001 Error: How to Fix it
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