OWL: Toronto Defiant vs. Vancouver Titans Post Game Interview- Twilight

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OWL: Toronto Defiant vs. Vancouver Titans Post Game Interview- Twilight

Twilight discusses new Stage, new meta, and the homestand tournament.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Joo-seok “Twilight” Lee following the Toronto Defiant's win against the Vancouver Titans.

Defiant's Overwatch League Champion: Twilight

Today in your game against the Vancouver Titans, would you have considered them to be your rival team with them being the other Canadian team in the Overwatch League, as well as your former team?

“It is indeed my former team back in the day, but right now I would like to focus on the fact that we are Canadian derby.”

There have been a lot of talks about the Vancouver Titans being successful in scrims lately. Is that true from what you know, and do you think that translated to why today's match was so back and forth?

“We also heard some rumors about Vancouver that they are popping off, but obviously we couldn't scrim against them as they were our first opponent in the matchups, but as for our side, I mean we have improved a lot compared to other stages in terms of scrims. Like there are barely moments that we actually lost entirely so we were actually pretty confident going into our matches, but I guess things are very different when you actually compete against another team at the match. So it was a very different impression I got from the Vancouver Titans. I can see that not only us, but they are very strong in this meta. Another point I want to point out is there is no really weak or strong team I think that the ranking chart has to be very different from the past two stages.”

In this new Junker Queen Brawl meta, it consists of a lot of stacked AOE healing, DPS pop-offs, and even spawn camping. In all of your years in the league, where would you rank this on your list of favorite meta compositions?

“I say that our current meta with Junker Queen is quite similar to the GOATS that we had back in the days with Overwatch 1. People can have a different evaluation on the current meta, but there are quite a number of limitations that I face as a Brigette player in this meta. So I do not have a high preference on this meta actually. I wouldn't even list it in my favorite meta compositions.”

In previous seasons you’ve been famous for your play as a Flex Support. What has it been like filling the role of main support for the Defiant when the meta calls for it?

“As far as filling in the role of Brigette more of like a Main Support at this point with the meta, I did play Brigette back in Shock days like last year so it wasn't too difficult, but there are certainly differences in terms of the role you're required to play Brigette in Overwatch 1 and Overwatch 2, so there were definitely some struggles that I had to overcome.”

Moving Forward

The rest of your matches for the Summer Showdown are as follows: Atlanta Reign, Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Gladiators, Boston Uprising, and London Spitfire. That's a pretty tough road ahead for the rest of the Summer Showdown, so with the Summer Showdown tournament being host in your city, in front of your home crowd, what's the plan to qualify despite that packed lineup?

“There are definitely some teams that are popping off, and also some teams we've lost to before. So the lineup might look a little bit tough as to how others evaluate it as well bute we are also quite confident in this meta right now so if we are able to pick up the mistakes we learned from even today's match, we will have to grind ourselves for our best and then just qualify for the Summer Showdown.”

Against the previously named teams then, which team do you think will be the most difficult opponent?

“I would say the Dallas Fuel who actually won against the Gladiators in their most recent match. They have been strong in those brawl metas, and they actually prefer to play in this kind of meta composition so I think they will be a very tough opponent for us.”

At this point we are at the halfway point of the season considering the end of the Midseason Madness tournament. You guys are currently qualified for a spot to qualify for play-ins at the end of this season if you were to stay consistent. After not making the Overwatch League Grand Finals for the first time in your career last season, how important is it for you to make playoffs this season?

“It's a new team with new teammates with quite a bit of rookies. It might look like we are in a quite tough position compared to my previous career and a lot of teams, but right now I'm very confident that we can actually even shoot straight for playoffs, no even play-ins, so I'm looking forward to it.”

This weekend in the Toronto Defiant Fan Appreciation Weekend. Is there anything you'd like to say to all your fans rooting you on?

“Thank you to all the fans who are always supporting us and the only way to pay you back for all your support is to win every single match remaining for us and pay back with a great performance so please don't stop rooting for us until the end of the season, thank you.”


It seems Twilight was quite confident about the fact that he, and the rest of the Toronto Defiant are in the best shape they've ever been, and could stand above the rest. Since the game against the Titans, the Defiant have defeated both the Atlanta Reign and Los Angeles Gladiators. In their game against the Dallas Fuel they ended up losing 3-1, but even then it seemed like an expectation from Twilight that the Fuel would be on top of this stage. Toronto sit comfortably in the 3rd position in the Summer Showdown standings, making them look primed to take the main stage in the tournament at the end of the season in their city. They are also now 6th in the full season standings, setting them in a position to skip play-ins and go straight to play-offs if they can hold this position or even improve.

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OWL: Toronto Defiant vs. Vancouver Titans Post Game Interview- Twilight
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