OWL: SASIN picked Up by the LA Valiant

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OWL: SASIN picked Up by the LA Valiant

The ex-Hangzhou Spark Off-Tank returns to the league.

After a year away from the league, Sang-hyun “SASIN” Song has been picked up by LA Valiant as the sole Tank player for the team.

LA Valiant's Tank

Though not the most notable of players, SASIN has an extensive history in competitive Overwatch. His achievements are few and far between, but his experience is almost unmatched. His only time not with a team since 2016 has been this last season after not being signed for a third year with the Hangzhou Spark. Overwatch 2 will likely be a place where older players begin to sprout back up. With new mechanics, playstyles, and game modes, they may be refreshed enough to return in droves.

SASIN wasn't at the top of anybody's list for prospective players. Still, though, this is a very sensible pick. It follows the trends we've been seeing with other teams. Off-Tanks are the priority for teams that opt for only one Tank player. In previous seasons, SASIN has always had a very strong Main Tank on the front lines with him. Without that kind of support, we'll see if he can control both the defensive and offensive sides of the role.

The Competition

The LA Valiant's league points this season rely on their ability to win games against the other six teams in the Eastern Division. This is simply not the best avenue to get there. Their team is similar to last season in their lack of functionality. Maybe these players will be what the 2021 Valiant couldn't be, but no individual player stands out as the one that will lead them there. Some of the greatest Tank players to ever play are still in the league, and reside in that Eastern Division. SASIN is a fine player but does not bring the leadership or knowledge of success that they require.

The Dark Horse Once Again

The LA Valiant need to put a huge focus on staying knowledgeable about the starting metas, why they work, and how they begin to evolve. If they once again allow themselves to get out of touch, they will be the worst team in the league for two years running. Any roster of players can find a way to compete at the highest level. If the individual talent isn't at the highest class, then the macro team focus becomes the priority. With an unproven player like SASIN taking the lead of the team, they can't let that focus diminish.

OWL: SASIN picked Up by the LA Valiant
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