Overactive Media and Toronto Ultra Announce “Live from Warzone” Squad

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Overactive Media and Toronto Ultra Announce “Live from Warzone” Squad

Overactive Media and the Toronto Ultra have completed their tournament squad.

If you have yet to hear, Call of Duty is hosting a new tournament called ‘Live From Warzone’ this week. The tournament featured 38 teams and 152 players battling it out on Verdansk in quads. Overactive Media is bringing a diverse roster to their team blending professional players, musicians, and athletes.

Representing Toronto their team consists of none other than Anthony Methodz Zinni from the Toronto Ultra, Mitch Marner from the Toronto Maple Leafs’, Toronto Raptors forward, Malcom Miller, and rapper Zach Zoya. Rather than bringing out an all-star squad, Toronto is opting to entertain and diversify their team. The Toronto Ultra will be hosting these players on their Youtube channel during the competition at 7pm EST on April 14th.

Warzone has been iterating and growing since its release a few months ago. The new title has not been without issue ranging from hackers sniping during live competitions, to extremely laggy matches. Going into Season 3, squads have been bumped up to four players, and stability changes have been brought in to reduce latency issues. The Call of Duty League returned last weekend to exceptional fanfare, and much-awaited anticipation.

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