OpTic Gaming’s Hector Rodriguez Gives an Optimistic Outlook for OpTic’s Future

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OpTic Gaming’s Hector Rodriguez Gives an Optimistic Outlook for OpTic’s Future

The previously reported May 31 deadline for a deal between Infinite Esports, OpTic Gaming’s parent company, and its potential buyer, Immortals Gaming Club, looms large and close. Everyone from Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag of 100 Thieves to the infamous Call of Duty leak source “CoDBurner,” has weighed in on what could potentially happen if/when a deal is struck. However, Hector Rodriguez, better known to the OpTic Gaming community as “H3cz,” has given a clear message to OpTic Gaming fans to not lose hope and remain OpTimistic.

H3cz released his latest vlog video on YouTube (with the vague title “Scump is Back At the Dog Pound”), and in this video, he says the following:

“Still no final ‘no,’ still fighting, and I’m hoping to be able to get some good news to you guys very soon. No matter what, I’m going to give you guys good news, I feel.”

This so-called “good news” can take shape in any number of ways. With OpTic Gaming’s presence felt most of all in the competitive Call of Duty scene, all eyes from OpTic Gaming’s fans seem to be focused on them. A lot more is certainly at stake, though, such as the status of the Houston Outlaws team (which OpTic currently owns). Efforts from H3cz seem most focused on preserving the Call of Duty team, but he hasn’t discounted saving the other OpTic Gaming teams (yet). With the other shoe dropping tomorrow, we still can’t confirm anything solidly until then. But we at ESTNN will be around to cover whatever happens in this maybe final, maybe not chapter of OpTic Gaming.

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