OpTic Gaming LA Playing On “150 Ping” During Online Call Of Duty League Matches

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OpTic Gaming LA Playing On “150 Ping” During Online Call Of Duty League Matches

After losing a close series against Minnesota Rokkr, OpTic Gaming players voice their worries about the CDL servers.

OpTic Gaming took on the Minnesota Rokkr in their round one matchup at the Seattle Surge Home Series. After losing the very close series 3-2 in a round 11 Search and Destroy, OpTic players went to Twitter to voice their opinions on the CDL servers. Slasher was the first, stating how he was “forced to play on 100+ ping.” He also called the Texas server “conveniently unplayable.”

This was backed up by the Chicago Huntsmen’s Arcitys as he said the “host was terrible I am sorry” in response to the Paris Legions coach agreeing with Slasher. While Dashy also revealed his high ping, it was the Minnesota Rokkr’s GodRx who stated that he was having connection problems too.

Being the third online event of the season, you would expect the server issues to be fixed. However, it seems that it is just the Texas host that is causing problems. The resolution may be to not play on that host. But that may not be possible without giving one team a clear advantage. As we move on to day two of CDL Seattle, it will be interesting to see any further developments on the situation. Whether that be with more issues, a CDL statement, or more outcry from players.

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