ohnePixel Opens $130K Worth Of CS:GO Cases In An Hour And Blows It All

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ohnePixel Opens $130K Worth Of CS:GO Cases In An Hour And Blows It All

During a live stream on July 8, ohnePixel opened $130K USD worth of CS:GO cases and ended up with only $4K USD worth of skins 

ohnePixel Opens $130K Worth Of CS:GO Cases In An Hour And Blows It All

Credit: ohnePixel, CS:GO Database

On a long live stream yesterday, Mark, better known as “ohnePixel” hosted one of the biggest and most expensive case openings in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) history. He recorded the openings of roughly $130K USD worth of sticker capsules, souvenir packages and cases. He had set out to create CS:GO history by opening some of the oldest cases to ever exist in the game. 

Unfortunately, ohnePixel ended up walking away with next to nothing from his openings. He did not get any of the skins he was looking for in the game and ended up blowing $130K USD to ashes. While there are big winnings to be won from opening such rare cases, it often ends up in massive losses, and that’s what happened with ohnePixel. 

When CS:GO case opening streams are hosted by streamers, they always warn their viewers to not indulge in such expensive cases at home. Instead, they advise them to buy the specific skins that they want because the number of wins pales in comparison to the number of losses in such case openings. For old and rare cases, it is especially true because you don’t know what you’re signing up for.
Sticker capsules, souvenir packages and cases from a decade ago are already worth thousands of dollars on their own. So, they yield much less than the buying cost unless you get the absolute best items, which is nearly impossible. For this reason, it is advisable to not indulge in expensive cases, sticker capsules and souvenir packages, instead opting to buy the specific skins you want is the way to go, as advised by expert streamers. 

ohnePixel suffers a massive loss after opening $130K worth of cases 

In 2020, 3kliksphilip started this series known as the “Case Unboxing Millionaire” where he opened a random number of CS:GO cases up until a certain value of dollars. He went through this process for some time and then calculated how much profit he turned in exchange. While sometimes he faced, there were a few occasions during which he actually turned in a good amount of profit. If ohnePixel had followed this process, maybe he would have turned a good amount of profit in too. 

One important thing to note is that, the massive amount of money lost on this case opening that will go down in CS:GO history was not ohnePixel’s money that he lost. All of these cases, sticker capsules and souvenir packages worth roughly $130K USD were given to him in exchange for a promise that he would open them all on a live stream. Mark surely stayed true to his words and kept his promise, but it ended up in $130K USD blown away to smithereens, we don’t blame him though. 

He had several close calls in particular with getting the Case Hardened Blue Gem version of the AK-47. He only barely managed to get the Stat-Trat AK, but it did not have the 661 pattern which would have made him an instant millionaire. All of the souvenir packages he opened were a dud, and he did not manage to get even a single knife throughout the whole course of the opening event. The viewers called it a “heartbreaking” experience and were quite disappointed. 

Felix, better known as “xQc” was watching the whole ordeal go down live on his own live stream, and he predicted that this case opening wouldn’t end well, and oh boy did it not end well.  xQc was right all the way from the start when he said this was “garbage” in his July 3rd live stream, and his fans commended him for being right. xQc told his chat:

“Brother, I don’t get it. Okay dude, if you open this, chat, if you open this? I’m telling you chat, you take $130K and turn it into 54 f*cking cents. You turn this sh*t into 54 American f*cking cents!” 

Despite suffering from such a massive loss winnings-wise, ohnePixel ended up hitting a peak of 250K viewers on his live stream, which is the biggest amount of viewers he has ever had. He averages around $100K viewers on his stream, so this was huge for him. Not only that, the 250K viewers made him the most viewed streamer on Twitch’s platform at the time of his live stream.

The result of the live stream was quite disappointing, but every viewer who watched the live stream experienced a once-in-a-lifetime event. This expensive case opening will surely go down in CS:GO history, and once again, make ohnePixel live up to his title of “The CS:GO Skins Guy” and be the trendsetter that he is.

ohnePixel Opens $130K Worth Of CS:GO Cases In An Hour And Blows It All
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