Nobody Saves the World Best Build

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Nobody Saves the World Best Build

Nobody Saves the World is a game that can put you in difficulty at certain points, especially when you have to explore certain dungeons and challenge certain enemies. For this reason, having the right build is certainly a significant help that everyone should be able to draw on. In this article, therefore, we will show you what can be considered the best Nobody Saves the World build in circulation, according to various testimonies from different players and with different ways of playing. Are you ready to make your adventure in Nobody Saves the World a little easier?

How to Get the Nobody Saves the World Best Build

Although this build can only be created towards the end of the game, it is a build that allows you to play without too many worries. In fact, all you have to do is keep attacking continuously and you will become practically almost invincible. By doing so, even the most difficult enemies can be defeated with little effort. The form you will have to use is that of the Necromancer, as it is the most suitable for this type of build. Below, therefore, we show you all the skills you should focus on in order to build the Nobody Saves the World best build.


Blood Pact

When your companions get hurt, they get patched up by a magical cure that's like a portion of all the beating you dish out. The more you level up this magical skill, the bigger the patch-up power becomes.

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Stun Powder

Every time you throw a punch or swing your weapon, you're stacking up a power called stun. It's like a knock-out force that you can unleash on your enemies. The more you upgrade this ability, the faster you can pile on that stun power.


When you hit the enemies, some of the damage you do gets transformed into health for yourself. The higher you climb in mastering this skill, the more health you get back. So, as you become more powerful, your ability to recover health from your attacks gets a boost.

Magic Life

When your Mana runs out, don't panic! Your health comes in handy, as you can spend it as Mana. The cool part? As you level up this trick, the amount of health that steps up for the Mana duty becomes less and less. So, the higher your ability level, the less health you sacrifice when your Mana is all used up.

nobody saves the world best build


Necrotic Lightning

Hold down the attack button and watch as you shoot out spooky Necrotic Lightning right from your fingertips—it's like having lightning at your command! Not only does this cool move zap your enemies, but it also fills up your mana. The more you improve this ability, the more mana you get back. So, as you become better at it, you can keep casting your magical spells and unleashing that electrifying power.

Tempest Barrage

When you press and hold, you're unleashing a storm of homing missiles aimed straight at those nearby enemies. Here's the thing, though: every missile you fire sips a bit of your Mana. The good news is that the more you become a master at this move, the less mana each missile will gobble up. So, as you level up this ability, it becomes more mana-efficient, letting you shoot more missiles without draining your magical energy too fast.

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Hold down the button, and you will summon a bunch of fists swirling around you. But here's the trick: it uses up some of your Mana every second you keep it going. The good news? The more you get the hang of this move, the less mana it'll munch on, and you won't have to wait as long for it to recharge (that's the cooldown time). So, as you level up this ability, it becomes more efficient, costing you less mana and taking less time to cool down.

Holy Light

Holy Light is like shining a magical spotlight on enemies, but instead of warmth, they get a dose of damage. The longer you level up this ability, the more extended the bath time becomes. So, as you become more skilled, you can keep those baddies soaking in your Holy Light for an even longer duration.

Arrow Barrage

This ability lets you shoot out a bunch of arrows in a flurry. But here's the thing: every second you keep the arrows flying, it takes a bit of your Mana. The good news? The more you get skilled at this move, the less Mana it will use up. So, as you level up this ability, it becomes more mana-friendly, letting you rain arrows on your enemies without worrying too much about running out of Mana.

nobody saves the world best build

Nobody Saves the World Best Build
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