No Rest for the Wicked Tips and Tricks

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No Rest for the Wicked Tips and Tricks

No Rest for the Wicked is definitely a game that can put players in difficulty on certain occasions. For this reason, we wanted to create a No Rest for the Wicked tips and tricks article in which we could give you some practical advice on how to best tackle this adventure.

If you are new to the game and haven't had the chance to try it yet, take advantage of what we tell you in this article, as it will certainly be very useful to you. Are you ready to start your adventure to stop the plague that is creating havoc in the game world?

No Rest for the Wicked Tips and Tricks

As we have already said, No Rest for the Wicked is a game that knows how to put its players into difficulty, especially those who are not used to this type of game. The developers wanted to create a sort of mix between the Dark Souls and Diablo series, obviously adding their own. If you are here reading this article, it is because you have the pleasure of receiving some advice before starting your adventure, so let's not indulge any further.

Explore the Map

The first thing to do, which may seem banal, is to explore the game map far and wide. No Rest for the Wicked is a game that doesn't have classes, so you won't have better statistics than others with respect to your choices, but everything will focus on the choice of your equipment. For this reason, exploration is the key to becoming stronger.

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The game world of No Rest for the Wicked is full of secret passages that can be used to discover respectable rewards, especially at the beginning of your adventure. As a result, don't rush to rush straight towards your goal, but take the time to explore everything the game world has to offer. And we assure you, there are many things to discover.

No Rest for the Wicked Tips and Tricks

Try to Avoid Engaging in Combat with Multiple Enemies

In a game like this, approaching more than one or two enemies at once can be a really bad choice. For this reason, we advise you against doing so. To be honest, there won't be many situations where you'll run into this problem, but it's still something to keep in mind. Most of the time, in fact, enemies will attack you one at a time, but be careful not to move too far away; otherwise, you could attract the attention of nearby enemies.

It's true that dying won't make you lose anything regarding the items in your possession, but the developers still decided to add a mechanic linked to the durability of your armor. In fact, every time you die, it will go down more and more, until you are forced to fix it. In the first area of the game, this operation will not cost you anything, but then you will have to spend some in-game money (not very easy to find). Consequently, your goal is still to die as little as possible.

Use Different Weapons

The first part of the game was designed specifically for players to find and use different types of weapons. Obviously, these weapons are certainly not put in plain sight, so this is why we told you that exploration is very important. If you explore the No Rest for the Wicked game map far and wide, you will be able to use different types of weapons, which is certainly a good thing.

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In the game, there are different enemies, each of which should be approached differently, but in addition to the mobs, the bosses are the ones that are best approached with the right weapon. As in the case of the first boss, in fact, using the wrong weapon would make the battle too difficult to face and for no valid reason. Consequently, try to use as many weapons as possible and become familiar with each of them, so that you can use the best one at the right time.

No Rest for the Wicked Tips and Tricks

Don't Forget to Level Up Your Stats

Obviously, one thing you can in no way forget to do is increase your stats. In No Rest for the Wicked, there are many stats you can level up, each of which has its own pros and cons. At the beginning of your adventure, however, we advise you to focus above all on health, stamina, and strength. Then, as you progress, you can also dedicate yourself to the other stats.

Use Food to Get Your Health Back

Finally, it may seem like stupid advice, but don't forget to collect resources around the game world (and here, once again, exploration is important). Resources are very useful for crafting in No Rest for the Wicked, but also for cooking. In fact, in some points of the map, there will be fires that will allow you to cook the recipes you have learned up to that point. This is not a secondary activity at all, because food allows you to get your health back, so don't underestimate this aspect.

No Rest for the Wicked Tips and Tricks
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