Ninja vs. Pokimane Twitch Drama: Everything You Need To Know

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Ninja vs. Pokimane Twitch Drama: Everything You Need To Know

A conflict between Pokimane and Ninja surfaced early this evening in the fallout of the former’s Twitch hate raid.

The last 48 hours for Twitch streamers Imane “Pokimane” Anys (25) and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins (30) have been dramatic, to say the least. What started with a hate raid toward Pokimane from another now-banned streamer has somehow escalated to a feud with Ninja and his wife and manager Jessica Blevins.

Since information came to light regarding Ninja’s alleged support of the content creator who orchestrated that hate raid, Pokimane has leaked Twitter messages, and the drama has captured headlines across social media.

Jidion Banned From Twitch for Hate Raid

The story began three days ago when Twitch personality Jidion directed his chat to raid Pokimane’s stream and spew hate. Pokimane ended her stream shortly after, and the internet soon learned what went down. Twitch acted quickly, banning Jidion first for 14 days and then permanently. The story went quiet for a few days until Pokimane went live this evening with some choice words for fellow Twitch streamer Ninja.

Pokimane Claims Ninja Supported & Offered to Help Jidion

Pokimane brought to light a clip from a recent Ninja broadcast, where he and Jidion interacted with one another. According to Pokimane, Jidion gifted subscriptions to Ninja and asked for help circumventing the ban. In the clip, Ninja obliged, offering to message his Twitch representative to see if they could assist. Pokimane had reason to believe Ninja went through with messaging that Twitch employee.

The clip has since gone viral across social media, as did private Twitter messages between Pokimane, Ninja and Jessica Blevins.

Jessica Blevins Threatens Legal Action

Pokimane leaked a DM from Ninja, stating he did not contact his Twitch representative. He followed that up, warning Pokimane that she was making a “big mistake.”

“Hey, so I just want you to know,” wrote Ninja. “I swear on my grandfather’s life, who just passed away, that I didn’t text my Twitch rep. And you are making a big mistake.”

Ninja’s wife and manager — Jessica Blevins — messaged Pokimane separately. She threatened legal action, claiming defamation of character.

“We are considering everything defamation of character at this point and are getting our legal team involved. You are spewing lies to tens of thousands of people. You know twitch, you claim you know his rep, then you know from them that tyler NEVER reached out to anyone, and AGAIN, just said to stop the harassment in his chat from jidion viewers. We have clarified everything to you. You are actively bringing harassment to tyler and I right now at the highest level and we are taking this very seriously.”

Pokimane and others poked fun at the message, not taking it seriously whatsoever. Ninja and Jessica have remained mostly quiet on social media channels during the developing situation. The former did tweet that everything would be explained; what that means is unclear at this time.

Support for Pokimane flooded Twitter during the ordeal while critics targeted Ninja’s response. We’ll have to see what more surfaces as the Pokimane vs. Ninja Twitch drama continues to unfold.

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