Ninja Announces G FUEL Partnership

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Ninja Announces G FUEL Partnership

Ninja joins team G FUEL as its latest sponsored creator and ambassador. 

Twitch streamer and gaming icon Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced today a partnership with popular energy drink G FUEL. Blevins previously enjoyed a lengthy agreement with Red Bull dating back to his initial popularity boom in 2018. However, that partnership appears to have expired recently, and the content creator could be spotted drinking G FUEL on his broadcasts. 

Today, the deal became official. G FUEL switched its website and social media presence to center around Ninja. The promotional images drew inspiration from Kim Kardashian's infamous “break the internet” ad from 2014 and Ninja's equally infamous “flossing” scene on New Year's Eve in 2018 

Partnership Details

The 30-year-old stream invaded G FUEL's Twitter account to celebrate this new collaboration. Ninja's antics during that period included setting a new profile picture, referencing the flossing incident and even pulling a Kim Kardashian. G FUEL's renovated website now features a “Shop Ninja” section, where you can see Ninja's announcement video and shop his favorite flavors.

Ninja commented on the partnership:

“The way G FUEL gets gamers and our world, and their overall way of doing things just made this a no-brainer. I'm so hyped to announce my partnership with G FUEL as part of the next phase of what we're doing over here on Team Ninja.”

Promotional images indicated a targeted date of Summer 2022 for Ninja's G FUEL flavor to arrive. Blevins went live on Twitch shortly after the announcement, sporting the energy drink brand's t-shirt and a mini-fridge in the background. G FUEL's founder and CEO – Cliff Morgan – commented on adding Ninja to the team via a press release from the company. 

“It is incredible to work with a gaming icon like Ninja. He is an exemplary representation of what it means to be a gaming personality and an entertainer. I think the creative combination of G FUEL and Ninja will thrill fans worldwide.”

Ninja Joins an Impressive List of Fellow Creators

It's pretty common to see creators and gaming organizations representing G FUEL. Ninja joins an already stacked lineup sponsored by the brand. Including FaZe Clan, PewDiePie, KSI, ummit1g, xQc, NICKMERCS, and Ludwig Ahgren. We might never know what occurred between Ninja and Red Bull following their multi-year partnership. Some may remember Red Bull's significant role in designing Ninja's streaming studio back in 2018.

Whatever the case may be, Ninja has moved on to another brand. The terms of this new deal are not public for obvious reasons. Ninja likely stands to make a hefty sum while representing G FUEL. According to the press release, the company expects to release Ninja-branded products in the coming weeks.

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