Nightingale Server locations

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Nightingale Server locations

A look at where Nightingale Server locations are and possible errors caused by the game's online nature.

Nightingale is an always-online Survival Crafting game. That part about online is a huge deal for a genre that is often played by players solo. So, with that in mind, the location of those servers is very important. Sadly, this isn't good news for some folks, especially those in Australia and New Zealand.

Nightingale Server locations

Currently, Nightingale has dedicated servers in the following regions:

  • Europe split into West and East
  • North America split into West and East
  • South East Asia (Including OCE servers. Though there is a bug with these currently)

The main issue here is the game is automating what region players are being placed into. This is based on two things:

  1. Your location
  2. Server load

That's fine, but if you're in an area of the World without your own dedicated servers (Africa, East Asia, OCE etc) then this can cause some serious issues. The main location that has highlighted this issue is players in OCE (Australia and New Zeland). When placed in Southeast Asian servers, the ping is still 100+ at best. Now, that's still a playable number, especially for solo. The problems start when those players get pushed into the North American realms.

Now, in theory, SEA would cover Australia, but it appears, at least for now, that this isn't the case. The issue has also been affecting players in Europe, who have seen themselves playing on North American realms. This probably means the majority of servers are located in North America.

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Nightingale OCE server issues

According to Developer “Deveyscarb” on Reddit, the team is working on a fix. Replying to one Australian player they said “We're working on a fix for it!” So, it looks like the problem should be sorted soon at least. For now, here is a workaround for the issue:

  • Close the game and ensure no one is in the Realm for at least 10 minutes, this will reset the server
  • Try logging back into the character
  • Check the F2 menu and Region
  • If it continues to look incorrect:
    • Please click the “Submit a request” link on the top right
    • Attach a screenshot of your F2 screen, and let us know what region you are in so we can continue to investigate.
Nightingale Server locations
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