Nightingale Roadmap: What’s Planned for the Gaslamp Survial Title

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Nightingale Roadmap: What’s Planned for the Gaslamp Survial Title

The Nightingale Roadmap is here, at least in a very basic sense. And while we don't have a timeframe for it, we do have more information.

A Roadmap is a right of passage for any early access title these days, either launching with one or dropping one slightly after release. For Nightingale, we now have the start of a roadmap, so let's take a look.

Update, we now have an update with a brief roadmap


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Nightingale Roadmap – What We Know

Here are the things that are planned to come to the game in the “near” future:

  • Offline Mode – One of the most requested features for the game is coming soon. While we don't have a timeframe, we suspect it's high on the priority list given the negative feedback. Offline mode was planned prior to the backlash, but was expected after around 6 months. According to developers, that has now been pushed forward as a high priority.
  • New Weapons
  • Realm Cards
  • Titlesets
  • Story development
  • UI improvements
  • Queued Crafting
  • Increased NPC Controls
  • City of Nightingale (likely 1.0)

So, while we don't have an official fancy image of a Roadmap, we do have a lot to go on. Sadly, the timescale of the release is the main issue we face here.

When will we get a Roadmap?

Based on some information we have from the game's Steam page, we know they plan for 1.0 to be released within 12 months.

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The official word from the developers is “soon”, but here is what they've said officially:

“We’ll be sharing some thoughts and ideas just after the Early Access launch. Our immediate priority once we launch is to ensure we address any issues, bugs, etc. We’re also working hard on some QOL improvements to arrive around March, including crafting from storage. We’ll also be looking at some further UI refinements, queued crafting and more robust NPC controls. Beyond that, we’ve got a pretty extensive content plan. As mentioned before, we’ll have new biomes, Realm Cards, weapons, tilesets, as well as continuing to expand the story and eventually return Realmwalkers to the city of Nightingale.”

What we'd expect is a series of bug fixes and stability updates and then we'll see a Roadmap dropped. Understandably it might been seen as a bit “cheeky” for a developer to show off future plans when the game is not in a healthy state currently.

Nightingale Roadmap: What’s Planned for the Gaslamp Survial Title
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