Nightingale Mods – Are They Allowed?

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Nightingale Mods – Are They Allowed?

If you are looking to use Nightingale mods, this article will give you all of the answers you need to know. Let’s dive in.

Nightingale became available on February 20, and it is slowly becoming one of the hottest titles. Despite being in early access, players have been exploring the new world and are looking for different things. After explaining that there are no Nightingale console commands yet, it’s time to take a look at the Nightingale Mods.

Nightingale Mods – Are they allowed?

The answer to this question is tricky because it depends on how you look at it. Inflexion has said that they do not encourage people to use Nithgingale mods because the game uses a “shared word”. Nevertheless, players who want to tweak their game a bit can do that using the client-side mods. There are also non-permited mods and we’ll talk about both in this article.

Nightingale Client-side mods

The first type of mods is called client-side because they are permitted. What’s special about them is that they change certain aspects of the game but only to people who have installed it. In other words, they do not affect how others see things in-game. 

These mods could change the appearance of characters or add different sound effects, but they do not offer any competitive advantage. Another thing to keep in mind before using these Nightingale mods is that customer support won’t be able to assist you in case of problems. In other words, you’ll have to find the solution yourself or on places like Reddit. 

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The mods that are not permitted 

Besides the mods that change the visual appearance of certain things, you may find options that will give a different competitive advantage. There are also mods that could change the environment for other players, even those that are not using them. Needless to say, today, those things are not allowed.

Players who are caught using them can face different forms of punishment, including a permanent ban. In other words, we do not recommend using these Nightingale mods, no matter how attractive they may seem. It is just not worth it.


Be very careful when you are looking for new Nightingale mods and where you are getting them from. A lot of people will look at the official Discord, but the people behind this game do nto allow users to share anything there. In other words, you will have to visit third-party platforms where you may have problems. 

Nightingale Mods – Are They Allowed?
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