Nightingale Fishing Guide

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Nightingale Fishing Guide

Learn how to become the fisherman of your dreams with this Nightingale fishing guide

As a survival game, there’s a plethora of activities you can do to thrive and survive in the world of Nightingale, ranging from cooking, hunting, defeating creatures, and – wait for it – fishing as well. If you’ve ever wanted to play a fishing simulator in an intergalactic realm-traversing survival game, then Nightingale has you covered. This article will go through all the basic tips and tricks you’ll be needing to catch fish and also cover why this is an important skill to have. Let’s get to it.

Fishing in Fae – Making the Fishing Rod

Nightingale Fishing Guide

Source: GameSpot

The first step to becoming a fisherman in Nightingale is to build an actual fishing rod first. To do so, you can craft a Simple Fishing Rod using the following steps:

  • Get the Simple Fishing Rod Blueprint from an Essence Trader in the Abeyance Realm.
  • Craft a Simple Workbench using 10x Wood Bundle and 4x Plant Fiber. You can find Wood Bundles by chopping down trees using an axe and Plant Fibers from trees that have no visible wood in them, like the ones with purple flowers.
  • Go to the Simple Workbench menu and find the Simple Fishing Rod. To craft it, you’ll need 1x Wood Bundle, 2x Animal Fiber and 1x Bones. Note that Animal Fiber and Bones can be found through hunting and skinning creatures.
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You can craft higher-tier variants of the Fishing Rod, but for the very basic purposes and for starting out, we recommend crafting the Simple variant.

The Fishing Minigame

After you craft the fishing rod, you’re good to start heading to bodies of water and catch some fish. Games usually have some sort of minigame when it comes to fishing, like Pokemon, Genshin Impact or Nier: Automata, and the same can be said for Nightingale.

Nightingale Fishing Guide

Source: Eurogamer

To start fishing, follow the steps below:

  • Assign the fishing rod to an action key.
  • Look for a body of water nearby and go near it.
  • Press the left mouse button (LMB) to cast your lure.
  • Press the left mouse button (LMB) again when you see that a fish bit the lure.
  • Deplete the fish’s HP (indicated by the red bar) by keeping the ‘tension’ as close to the middle as possible. You can achieve this by pressing the left mouse button continuously and making sure it doesn’t go relatively above or below the middle line.
  • The fish will appear in front of you once the HP is depleted. Simply pick it up and congrats, you just caught your first fish!

When doing this, keep an eye out on your stamina, as it will completely drain if you press the left mouse button too much. Disabling the ‘Automatically hide HUD’ setting from the options can help out, as keeping the setting on will hide everything from your HUD, making you unaware if your stamina ever runs out during fishing.

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Cooking the Fish

Nightingale Fishing Guide

Source: GameSpot

Well, you clearly can’t eat raw fish unless you want salmonella, so you’ll need to cook it first. But to cook a fish, you’ll need the Grilled Fish Recipe. Where could you get that, you ask? Go through the following steps to get the recipe and learn how to cook it:

  • Go to an Astrolabe Realm and look for an Essence Trader.
  • You can find the Grilled Fish Recipe from the traders for 5x T1 Essence.
  • Build a Campfire from the build menu using 6x Rocks.
  • Finally, head down to the Grilled Fish option to cook one for yourself.

And that’s how you can catch fishes and learn how to cook them in Nightingale. Cooking is a very important skill to learn in the game as you’ll have to rely on food to alleviate your hunger, and fishing is a great way to gather resources for cooking and food in general. We hope this article helps in clearing out any confusion regarding the process of fishing and how to cook them, and be sure to keep an eye out on ESTNN for more Nightingale related content!

Nightingale Fishing Guide
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