Nightingale Best Ancestry: Which One to Choose?

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Nightingale Best Ancestry: Which One to Choose?

What's the Nightingale best Ancestry? Nightingale gives you the opportunity to create your character, with a fairly well-stocked editor that allows you to modify even the mini details to your liking. However, there is also another aspect of your character that you can modify, namely Ancestry. This feature was designed for those who want some sort of pre-set characters to choose from. But how does this thing work? In this article, we will explain how the Nightingale Ancestry works, so you know how to approach it.

Nightingale Best Ancestry

If you don't want to change every single parameter of your character that is available in the character creation tool, you can rely on the Ancestry feature. Thanks to this functionality, in fact, you will be able to modify three aspects of your character, namely: story, lineage, and inheritance. Let's see together, in detail, all three of these sub-menus, in order to give you a complete explanation.

Nightingale Lineage

In the Lineage menu, you get to dive into your character's family tree. It's like picking your character's backstory, but with a twist. You can choose from a bunch of pre-made characters as your ancestors, and guess what? You can mix things up a bit by selecting two dads or two moms if that's what you want to do and be more inclusive. Furthermore, you can also choose your grandparents and great-grandparents. It's like building your own family saga. But here's the kicker – while it's fun to have this whole family tree laid out, it doesn't really affect your gameplay in the grand scheme of things. So, it's all about personal preference and adding a bit of flavor to your character's backstory.

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nightingale best ancestry

Nightingale Inheritance

Once you have picked your parents and other family members, you can head over to the Inheritance sub-menu. Here, you will see a box where you can move your cursor around. This box shows portraits of your family members. When you hover over these portraits, you can choose how much you want your character to look like them. If you pick someone close to the edge of the box, your character's facial features will start changing. Your jaw, cheeks, nose, mouth, and more will slowly shift to match that person's appearance. You can keep it balanced or favor one side of the family – totally your call!


Another cool feature you will find in the Ancestry menu is the Story section. This part adds a whole new layer of depth to your character. It's like uncovering their backstory before the game even begins! The Story parameter gives you insights into who your character was before they stepped into the game's world. Maybe they were a daring adventurer, a humble farmer, or even a notorious pirate. But here's the thing: while it's super fun to read and can add some serious role-playing flair to your character, the Story doesn't really affect your in-game mechanics or progression. At least, this is how it works now, but we don't know if in the future this thing will change and this parameter will impact the gameplay.

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As regards the best Ancestry, precisely because these parameters do not have real repercussions on the gameplay but are more linked to an external fact, there is no choice that is better than another. It's up to you to decide how to create your character and what parameters to attribute to it, perhaps having someone in mind as inspiration. Obviously, if things change in the future and these parameters start to have an impact on the gameplay of Nightingale, we will let you know.

Nightingale Best Ancestry: Which One to Choose?
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