Nightingale Base Build Tips and Tricks

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Nightingale Base Build Tips and Tricks

Base building is one of the core aspects of Nightingale. So, to help you survive, here are the most notable Nightingale base build tips and tricks

The brand new IP from the creative minds of former Bioware devs – Nightingale – is an open-world survival game with a hint of RPG mechanics. What sets Nightingale apart from the rest of its contemporaries is its setting and atmosphere. Nightingale’s setting merges magic from the world of fantasies with the aesthetics of the Victorian era, a unique blend that has not been seen in the survival genre before.

But that does not mean Nightingale shares nothing in common with other survival games. As a matter of fact, base building is a key aspect of Nightingale that every player should familiarize themselves with. So, if you just bought the game or are struggling with the building mechanics, here are some useful Nightingale base build tips and tricks to help you get started.

5 Essential Tips & Tricks for Nightingale Base Building

Nightingale Base Build Tips and Tricks

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The building mechanics in Nightingale should not feel too complex if you have played other survival games in the past. However, if you didn’t, then you will need to start from square one. This section will cover both basic and intermediary building tips for Nightingale so that you have a good understanding of how base building works in the game.

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1. Basics of Building

To start building, you will need to press the B key on your keyboard (or the corresponding button on your controller) which will pull up the Building menu. Initially, the structures you will be able to build are all going to be very basic. You will be able to unlock more sophisticated structures once you have progressed through the game.

2. You Will Need A Foundation

Regardless of what you want to build, you will need to start with a foundation for your structure. To build the foundation, you will need to have the required materials. In the early game, you will only have access to a Crude Foundation and a Stone Foundation. Once you have decided which Foundation you want, press “Place” on an area of your choosing.

3. Stick to Stone

In the early game, you will only have access to Stone and Crude structures. Crude structures are primarily made from wood and sticks whereas Stone structures are self-explanatory. While there is nothing wrong with building either kind of structure, we would advise you to stick to Stone structures. That is because harvesting wood can feel quite tedious and janky. In comparison, you only need to strike stone deposits once to break them and pick up the Stone Blocks.

4. Don’t Build Around Trees

Avoid our mistake and don’t build your base or structures around trees. That is because if a tree is cut down and it falls on top of your base, it can destroy your entire structure in a second. This is true for stone structures as well because a single fallen tree is all it takes to break them. Opposing players can also take advantage of this and raid you by toppling trees on top of your base.

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5. Best Place to Build Your Base

Some of the realms in Nightingale are procedurally generated. That means the biomes and areas won’t be the same for every player. So, you will want to set up your base in an area where you have access to plenty of wood, stone, and animals. Additionally, you should also explore around to see if you can run into an Essence Trader. They are merchants who will sell you items and recipes for Essence. Luckily, the first Essence Trader is easy to find as you will come across one during the tutorial.

You can use the given base-building tips to plan how you want to approach your playthrough. After all, it is nice to come back home to a base of your own making after spending the day slaying magical monsters!

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Nightingale Base Build Tips and Tricks
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