Nightingale 0.2.1 Patch Major PC Fixes

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Nightingale 0.2.1 Patch Major PC Fixes

Nightingale 0.2.1 has dropped, targeting the small bugs that escaped the game's massive 0.2 balance update.

The latest Nightingale patch is finally here, and it's got its sights set on bugged-out Estate Cards, server disconnect errors (Error: Gallies/Dobbin/Foozler), asset textures and additional balance adjustments. The Nightingale 0.2.1 patch is a shorter list than usual, but that's to be expected given the wide array of problems the recent 0.2 update took care of.

These changes come after the massive Nightingale 0.2 patch, which added NPC commands, an improved crafting system and new weapon types. Some of the biggest player headaches were also patched out of the game, including server disconnects and non-inventory crafting.

Here's every major change that was included in the latest Nightingale patch.

Nightingale 0.2.1 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed server disconnect error that occurs after collecting large amount of items from Crafting Stations.
  • Fixed server crash that would happen after exiting an active Crafting Station.
  • Fixed rare crash that would occur while fighting Scorpions.
  • Shockwave no longer destroys structures beyond its blast radius.
  • Fixed Ore Node texture errors in Nightingale 0.2.1.
  • Fixed Crafting menu audio bug that would play different pings after collection.
  • Fixed Environmental Resistance not applying to Player Stats
  • Fixed hungry players not getting downed
  • Fixed hunger interfering with HP bonus stats from equipped gear
  • Fixed newly created Estate Realm Cards not working as intended
  • Fixed queue UI staying on-screen after leaving a Smelter in Nightingale 0.2.1
  • Fixed floating “Add Fuel” text by localizing the UI
  • Fixed memory leak when doing large amounts of harvesting
nightingale 0.2.1
Credit: Inflexion Games


  • Settler Cards crafting yields decreased in Nightingale 0.2.1.
  • The Button recipe now only yields one handful but takes half the time to finish.
  • Holt and Elder Eoten no longer get aggro'd when you go near them.

New Changes:

  • New icons added throughout the game.
  • Improved blood VFX on weapon impact.
  • Right Mouse button can now refill Watering Cans using Rain Barrels.

Nightingale 0.2.1 Known Issues

The May 6 Patch Notes didn't mention any outstanding issues/bugs in the game, which is only natural given how large the 0.2 update was. That said, the developers are on the look-out for any game-breaking problems Realmwalkers might encounter, so be sure to report if you come across any!

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