Nightingale 0.2 Update Adds New Weapons, Quests and NPC Commands

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Nightingale 0.2 Update Adds New Weapons, Quests and NPC Commands

Listing everything in the major Nightingale 0.2 update, which added tons of content to the Inflexion Games title.

Nightingale Version 0.2 introduces improved crafting mechanics, brand new weapons and NPC tasks on top of new weapons, quests and quality-of-life changes. Items attributes will also be more flexible, giving players more creative freedom on what they craft.

The 0.2 update provided the largest Nightingale content update so far, so we've listed the biggest changes to the game below!

Nightingale 0.2 Update

Nightingale's major update came with its own fair share of bug fixes and QoL changes, but it also brought tons of new and exciting content to the main game.

Days before the huge 0.2 update, the Nightingale developers showcased the upcoming additions to the game in a Developer Update video. Now that the patch has dropped, the Fae Realms will never be the same. Here's everything that was added to Nightingale.

  • Queued crafting
  • Craft from storage
  • Simple commands for Recruited NPCs
  • Three new weapons were added and various existing weapon/tool changes
  • Universal dodge
  • Two new Bound types and changes to existing Lanternhead/Bombardier Bound
  • New NPCs, as well as updated and new quests
  • Performance improvements
  • Adjustments to resource, clothing and weapon attributes – now any attribute can be added to any item in crafting
  • The ability to purchase Essence Trader wares from the guidebook after discovering them
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New Foes

Nightingale 0.2 introduces two new enemy types: the Bound Aegis and the Bound Breaker.

The former is an imposing ogre that uses a spiked shield that splits into two large barriers. While the Aegis is formidable at close range, the Breaker fires fiery AOE mortars towards players from long distances.

It's also worth noting that the old Bound will be getting some changes, including the Bound Darkweaver, which will now be Immune when it starts buffing other Bound mobs.

nightingale 0.2 update

New Weapons

Nightingale 0.2 added new ranged weapons to the game, including grenades, throwing knives and an old-timey blunderbuss. These pack more of a punch compared to the default crossbow you start out with, and offers more ways to dealing with mobs of Bound.

Update 0.2 not only gives us a wider array of ranged weapons, but it also adds additional abilities to popular melee armaments.

Nightingale 0.2 Adds New Combat Mechanics

Familiar weapons also got some love in Nightingale's 0.2 update. Firstly, you can now parry with the one-handed knife to regain Stamina and make the attacker vulnerable. Hammers now get a “flurry of blows” that let you attack more times, and Sickles can now be thrown to deal with swarms of enemies.

Additionally, Realmwalkers will now be able to dodge with any weapon. While this does come with a brand-new control scheme ((‘CTRL’ = Dodge, ‘C’ = Crouch,‘V’ = Crafting Menu), being able to dodge with a two-handed hammer sounds like a fair trade.

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