New Test Server for Call of Duty: Mobile Finally Drops

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New Test Server for Call of Duty: Mobile Finally Drops

Activision released its latest test server build for Call of Duty: Mobile players yesterday.

The latest test build contains all the upcoming features to the game so that players can give feedback on bugs and gameplay before it is released in the main version. The test build will run till April 21 and is only available for Android devices. A link is available for download here.

The test server build contains a lot of new features including two new maps, three modes, and other features as well.

Brand New Game Modes

The new modes coming to the game are “Kill Confirmed,” “Capture the Flag,” and the “one-versus-one” mode.

“Kill Confirmed” is a popular game mode from the CoD franchise. Every time a player of the opposing team is killed, they will drop a dog tag. The dog tag has to be picked up by the team who killed the player to score a point. This has to be done quickly, however, as players from the opposing team can pick the dog tag as well thus denying a point.

A “Capture the Flag” mode, on the other hand, is also a team mode in which both teams have a base with a flag in it. The teams have to protect their flag while also trying to capture the opposing team’s flag. This can be done by going to the enemy’s base, taking their flag, and then returning the player’s base.

The “one-vs-one” mode features two players fighting head-to-head for victory. This mode will be played in the new CoD Mobile exclusive Saloon map. In the last update, Activision had released the two-versus-two mode and is now bringing the one-versus-one mode to the game as well.

Brand New Maps

The new maps coming to the game are “Rust” and “Saloon.”

Activision had teased the release of the Rust map in a tweet a few days ago. The fan-favorite map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will now be playable on mobile as well. “The Saloon” is a brand new introduction to the Call of Duty franchise. This is one of the few maps which are exclusive to CoD: Mobile only.

Also present in the test server build is a new user interface (UI) to the event menu. A new operator skill along with several updates to the battle royale map has also been made. All these features will be released in the global version of Call of Duty: Mobile by the end of this month, Activision said.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play first-person shooter developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activision for Android and iOS.

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