New Pokemon Unite Tier List After Blastoise Release

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New Pokemon Unite Tier List After Blastoise Release

ESTNN takes you through the latest tier list to help you pick the best Pokemon in the game.

After a crucial patch release on August 18 and the introduction of Blastoise in the game, things have changed quite a lot. There is a new meta in Pokemon Unite and this calls for a new tier list. We'll take a look at some of the best options in the S, A+ and A tiers.



The newly released Blastoise is S-Tier, without a doubt. It has incredible defense and above-average attacks, considering it’s a defensive type of Pokemon. Torrent is an exceptional ability in the game, especially when coupled with other special moves like Surf and Hydro Pump. Blastoise is a brilliant choice for tank — at least until the next balancing patch.


Lucario is S or A+ Tier depending on how the player plays it. Although Power-up Punch is great, Lucario’s Extreme Speed play is much more dangerous. Especially when you combine the Pokemon’s other abilities like Bone Rush.

A+ Tier


Greninja falls into the A+ Tier. Players have improved in using the Pokemon with its abilities like Water Shuriken and Double Team getting buffed to compensate for the Smokescreen nerf. It is also worth noting that Smokescreen, despite being nerfed, is still an immensely useful spell along with Surf.


Although Gengar received a nerf, it’s still a viable choice in the game. The Pokemon sits at A+ Tier with abilities like Sludge Bomb and Unite Move Phantom Ambush. Gengar has great Area Of Effect damage abilities like Hex and the ones mentioned above, which helps in fights with multiple Pokemon at once.


Garchomp is also a strong Pokemon who falls in the A+ Tier. It is a very well-balanced Pokemon that shines brightly in the late game. It is both tanky and does tons of damage with Dragon Claw and buffed abilities like Bulldoze and Dragon Rush.



Blissey is also a relatively fresh addition in Pokemon Unite, failing in A to A+Tier. Although a support type, Blissey is best when paired with the best attackers in the game. The Normal type Pokemon excels at healing allies with abilities like Heal Pulse or Soft-Boiled. Blissey can also buff ally Pokemon with Helping Hand to increase their attack speed.


A defender type Pokemon, which is meant to tank hits for his team. Snorlax is great in the early game and also stays strong in the later phases. Abilities like Tackle and Heavy Slam are great to secure the match in its favor. Snorlax is easily an A-Tier Pokemon.


Crustle is not afraid to take fights and get near enemy Pokemon. Its passive ability Sturdy makes the Pokemon tanky by increasing defense with missing HP. Crustle also has many AOE abilities which help target multiple enemies.

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