New Albion Online Foundations Update is Now Available

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New Albion Online Foundations Update is Now Available

Albion Online is officially updated with a new update that adds several things to the game. With Albion Online Foundations, in fact, you will not only be able to build Fortifications; you will also have access to Siege Banners, Territory Activity Chests, and much more.

In this article, therefore, let's discover together everything that this new update brings with it so that you know what you will encounter once you return to take on the role of your alter ego and explore the game map. These are certainly interesting additions and will be very useful.

Albion Online Foundations

The developers wanted to add new features to a game that has been continuously expanding since its launch way back in 2018. After the start of the beta period for the European version, the developers have decided to continue to support the game, both from a content point of view and not only from the point of view of increasing the user base.


This update introduces Fortifications to Territorial Warfare. Guilds can upgrade the walls, gates, and guards that protect their territories, providing increasingly solid barriers to would-be attackers. The walls, gates, and guards of forts can get better with Fortification Points. Bigger territories earn more points. And when it's Prime Time, these forts can be attacked. It's a test to see if they're strong enough, as attackers try to take over the territory or steal its power.

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Territory Activity Chests

The Albion Online Foundations update adds a new reason for fighting over land in Albion called Territory Activity Chests. These chests gather stuff every day from the PvE stuff happening in and around a territory. This encourages guilds to stay active in the places they own. Once a day's main time is done, the people who own the territory can open the chest and take the good stuff inside. But, during main time, other guilds can try to steal from the chest. Everyone can see how valuable the loot is on the map, so these chests become targets for other guilds looking for a chance to grab some riches.

New Weapons

Foundations also introduces the game's three new Crystal Weapons: the Arctic Staff, the Spectral Twinblade, and the Crystal Harvester. Equipped with unique and powerful enchantments, these weapons offer a prestigious reward to players who succeed in the Conqueror's Challenge.

  • Arctic Staff (Frost Staff): Assaults your enemies with a powerful barrage of icicles
  • Phantom Twinblade (Quarterstaff): Summons a swarm of phantoms, slashing through those in their path
  • Crystal Reaper (Axe): Gives you a powerful dash ability which reduces the cooldown of your other spells, making you a wild and unrelenting opponent

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New Siege Banners

Albion's land battles get a boost with new Siege Banners. These banners are now needed to attack or take over a territory. When placed near an enemy's land, these banners gradually weaken the defenses of the forts. They also give advantages to the attacking guild and their friends nearby.

But, the guild defending the territory can fight the people carrying the banner. They can make them drop it or even destroy it if they can't get it back. This gives defenders another way to stop an attack if they plan well. It adds more uncertainty to battles for land because now there's another goal for guilds to fight over.

Spectator Mode

This update brings a new feature to Albion that many players have been waiting for: Spectator Mode. Now, players can watch their Custom Matches without joining in. This means creators and streamers can show these battles to their viewers. With Spectator Mode, players can organize their own tournaments whenever they want. This gives Albion's community of creators a helpful way to make their content better.

More Features

The highly anticipated Spectator Mode gives creators and streamers the ability to broadcast their own custom Battles, allowing them to organize their own exciting tournaments as they see fit. The Hammers have been revamped with new spells, ready to strike opponents on the battlefields of Albion. Additionally, numerous other features have been added throughout the game, such as improvements to Solo Tracking, new territory plans, and a number of combat balance changes.

New Albion Online Foundations Update is Now Available
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