NEO Berlin 2087 Gets Ready for Gamescom 2023 With a New Trailer

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NEO Berlin 2087 Gets Ready for Gamescom 2023 With a New Trailer

Months after its first announcement, Elysium Game Studio returns to publish a video dedicated to NEO Berlin 2087, a game announced during Gamescom 2021 and initially known as Shadow of Conspiracy Section 2. In view of Gamescom 2023, the team of developers wanted to publish a new gameplay and story trailer in which we can take a deeper look at the game.

NEO Berlin gameplay and story trailer

NEO Berlin 2087 is a thriller video game that uses Unreal Engine 5 and intends to combine first- and third-person perspectives. A variety of genres, including shooter, detective, role-playing, and stealth, will be presented to players throughout the experience. A world strictly split into two social groups, whose membership is related to material availability, in a futuristic Berlin gives the impression that humanity has lost its identity.

In this newly released video, you can take a deeper look at both the story of the game and its gameplay, as we are shown both narrative and pure gameplay sequences. Obviously, the development team still has a lot of work to do, but the impressions, at least at the moment, are positive and the game is interesting.

NEO Berlin 2087 story

The official description of the game reads as follows: “Technological advances and cyberization have divided society into a two-class system, where the rich rule the city while the poor fight to survive in the slums and deadly wastelands outside the walls of Berlin's new city. As a detective, you can discover the truth in ways others cannot. You have a unique ability to understand human behavior and find clues to solve cases. You can extract important information by hacking into the minds of suspects. Every emotion thought, and memory provides a piece of the puzzle to bring justice and reveal hidden secrets. Despite the challenges of navigating complex social and political landscapes, your commitment to justice never wavers. Are you ready to take on the challenge of being an investigator and bringing justice to those who need more in the city?”.

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NEO Berlin 2087 gameplay

At least based on the videos we have seen so far, NEO Berlin 2087 appears to offer phases that are defined by a completely distinct style of play. This makes it a challenging product to frame from the perspective of gameplay. Although the game's creators describe it as an action RPG, it appears that we will also have to deal with sessions that have more action-oriented ramifications in addition to the investigation sequences in which we must piece together all the information to solve the crimes.

Our investigator will come up against swarms of unfriendly cyborgs, and in these situations NEO Berlin 2087 morphs into a shooter with a first/third-person perspective. To change the camera at any time and get a new perspective depending on the situation, all you have to do is press a key.

The third person could be helpful during covert situations where we must grab the adversaries from behind or shoot them with a silenced gun; however, the more intense firefights would be better handled in the subjective mode. Regarding the arsenal, the protagonist appears to have a handgun in addition to a knife and a few weapons that, despite their technological advancements, are clearly modeled after the traditional assault rifles and shotguns seen in earlier works.

Not to be overlooked are exceptional abilities like the capacity to travel through time at the speed of light, which when paired with the freedom to dive in any direction, enhances the action's dynamic and spectacular nature regardless of the view being used. There will undoubtedly be a component related to character advancement, whether it be linked to a skill tree or to straightforward treasure. However, it is unclear how and in what manner we will be able to increase the detective's skills during the quest.

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NEO Berlin 2087 release date

Unfortunately, the development team hasn't yet unbalanced on a precise release date for NEO Berlin 2087. All we know is that the game will arrive in the course of 2024 (so we don't even know the release period yet) and will be available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, as confirmed by the developers themselves.

NEO Berlin 2087 Gets Ready for Gamescom 2023 With a New Trailer
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