MSI 2023 Team Preview: LOUD

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MSI 2023 Team Preview: LOUD

The Brazilian organisation has shot up in both of Riot Games’ big names, as they look to take MSI 2023 as a storm.

There are only a few days left until the first International League of Legends event of the year, the Mid-Season Invitational! All the teams are now ready to play in London in front of thousands at the venue and millions online, with the first matches being played by PSG Talon, DetonatioN FocusMe, G2 Esports and LOUD – but can the Brazilian squad, which took the CBLOL by surprise beat the Winter Champions of the LEC to avoid the Loser’s Bracket?

The Journey of LOUD

The organisation of LOUD had an extremely successful couple of years: while they started out in League of Legends, where they had some top 5 finishes in the 2021 CBLOL Splits. They then signed a new squad for 2022, finishing 7th in the CBLOL 2022 Split 1, then going on to get 4th place in Split 2. Nevertheless, LOUD managed to take it all last year, appearing in the World Championship in their 2nd year of competition. They also branched out to VALORANT and were able to win it all in the 2022 VALORANT Champs – talk about a success story.

While the League of Legends department of the org was very successful last year, they turned it up a notch this year. With only one roster change, swapping one ADC prodigy Diego “Brance” Amaral (the Bot Diff “tattoo” guy from Worlds last year) for another in Moon “Route” Geom-su, they went from a team that had to go a miracle run to reach Worlds to a squad that finished 2nd in the Regular Season of the CBLOL Split 1, tied in score with paiN Gaming who finished first – and even having the same winstreak as the household name of Brazilian esports.

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LOUD at the 2022 World Championship

After successfully qualifying for the Playoffs for the CBLOL, they managed to win it all flawlessly. First, they beat the squad of Los Grandes in Round 1, only letting them score one point. Then they took their revenge of paiN Gaming for taking the 1st spot of the League, casting them down to the Lower Bracket. After PNG beat Grandes, they came back, but got an even bigger slap across the face from the up-and-coming org of the region, as LOUD didn’t even let them score a single point in the Finals of the CBLOL 2023 Split 1.

Players to look out for on LOUD

The roster of the Brazilian representative is the following:

  • Leonardo “Robo” Souza
  • Park “Croc” Jong-hoon
  • Thiago “tinowns” Sartori
  • Moon “Route” Geom-su
  • Denilson “Ceos” Oliveira Goncalves

The only new member from last year’s Worlds is the Korean import AD Carry, Route, who improved the squad immensely. While Brance was a really good player as well, Route is just on another level, as he dealt more than 30% of his team during the Split 1 of CBLOL according to stats site Games of Legends. His Xayah and Aphelios are the most dangerous, while he can play a nasty Miss Fortune as well if they need a pocket pick – but doesn’t play meta picks such as Jinx or Zeri.

LOUD Olaf is a pick to lookout for

With the help of Ceos and Croc, Route can thrive in the Rift. Ceos has picked many different Champions during the Spring, including 2 Amumus to match Route’s Miss Fortune, but his scariest pick is his Nautilus, as he played the Titan of the Depths 11 times, and has an 81% winrate with Champion. Croc has played picks such as Sejuani and Wukong with expertise, helping his team through the early stages of the games in order for the carries to thrive.

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Other then Route, you have be on the lookout for tinonws: while he has 7 Taliyah and 6 Lissandra matches – characters which aren’t really considered to be carries – he also plays Jayce, Zoe, Tristana and Swain to surprise his enemies. But the real ace up LOUD’s sleeve is Robo, the toplaner. While he plays with picks such as Sion, Jax and sometimes even busting out the Aatrox, his Olaf is among the scariest part of LOUD – so it’s no surprise that the Might of Lokfar is the most banned Champion against the Brazilian team by a mile. But it’s not only Robo’s Olaf that’s scary, as opponents usually take away his Renekton, Gnar and Jax as well, so he should be a top priority in the Pick/Ban Phase for both sides at the MSI matches.

LOUD after winning Split 1 of CBLOL 2023

LOUD is a very recent addition to the world of professional League of Legends, with only 2 and a half seasons behind them. Nevertheless, they are one of the more interesting teams of the MSI Play-Ins, as they have their secondary carry on the toplane rather than the midlane, which is something to keep in mind for G2 Esports and the future opponents of the Brazilian squad.

Where to watch LOUD

You can catch tinonws and co. playing against G2 Esports on Tuesday at 17:00 PM on, the LolEsports YouTube Channel and the Riot Games Twitch Channel. Don’t forget to also follow ESTNN for the latest League of Legends news and match previews!

MSI 2023 Team Preview: LOUD
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