Monopoly GO – How To Add Friends

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Monopoly GO – How To Add Friends

Monopoly GO is a very interesting game, but it can be even better if you add friends. That’s why we are about to show you how to do that.

If you decide to play the mobile version of the fan-favorite game Monopoly, you can expect to have loads of fun. With that said, Monopoly GO is even more fun when you start playing with friends. You have to use the two dice, have the right strategy, and have the right luck to succeed.

One of the benefits of Monopoly GO is that it is a multiplier game, so you can play with the people you like. However, not everyone knows how to add friends on Monopoly GO, so it’s time to take a look at everything.

How to add friends on Monopoly GO?

If you want to know how to add friends on Monopoly GO, you have three options ahead of you:

  • Using the contact list
  • Sending a special link
  • Via Facebook

To access one of these options, you must open Monopoly GO, check the bottom right corner of your screen, and then choose “Friends”. This is where you will reveal these three options.

Starting with the first one, people wondering how to add friends on Monopoly GO should know that they can do that after adding them to their contact list. This is only possible if the person has your phone number. Once that happens, that person will have to download the game and link their contacts with it.

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Assuming you want to send a link, all you have to do is copy it and send it to the person you want. Once done, this person will need to download and install Monopoly GO. Once that happens, they will be included in your friends.

Lastly, those who want to know how to add friends to Monopoly GO can use their Facebook profile. All you need to do is link your Facebook account with the game, and everyone on your friend's list who is playing will be added to it. This can save you a lot of time.

Do you get anything after inviting friends to Monopoly GO?

Adding more people to Monopoly GO increases the number of overall users. To stimulate players, the people behind this game will reward them with 30 dice for free for eacnnew client. Those who decide to connect their Facebook account will get an additional 25 free dice.

Monopoly GO – How To Add Friends
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