OTK and moistcr1tikal Launch Starforge Systems Gaming Rig Company

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OTK and moistcr1tikal Launch Starforge Systems Gaming Rig Company

The moist meter for Starforge Systems is over 9000. As OTK launched Starforge Systems alongside moistcr1tikal.

OTK has stated that they aim to “To build the best PCs in the universe”. Starforge System will also be live-streaming PC builds on Twitch. With customers given the option to “allow my build to be live-streamed” when they head to the checkout. Starforged Systems added that “Since its inception, Starforge Systems has built around the core idea of making products that set a new standard in computer gaming. PCs that are powerful, resilient, affordable and truly extraordinary.”

Famous streamer moistcr1tikal has teamed up with OTKnetwork on a new company called Starforge Systems. Streamers across the galaxy have joined forces to provide gamers with the best gaming rigs in the universe. 

There are four gaming rigs presently offered by Starforge Systems:

  • Starforge Horizon PC: $999.99
  • Starforge Horizon Pro PC: $1499.99
  • Starforge Horizon Elite PC: $2499.99
  • Starforge Horizon Creator Edition PC: $3499.99

Currently, these are only available to residents of the USA, with shipping available for Canada. It's unlikely this service will be extended into Europe any time soon.

OTKNetwork is live now and building the first Starforge Systems PC on stream. 

Are prices too steep for your budget? They're currently running a giveaway for a Starforge Horizon Creator Edition PC. You can enter the giveaway by following the instructions in the post above. The giveaway ends on September 7.

OTK and moistcr1tikal Launch Starforge Systems Gaming Rig Company
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