Misfits Gaming Group Launch $10 Million Seed Fund For Esports Businesses

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Misfits Gaming Group Launch $10 Million Seed Fund For Esports Businesses

Misfits Gaming Group, owner of the Call of Duty League team Florida Mutineers, has officially launched “the newest company under the MGG umbrella,” MSF.IO.

MSF.IO is an esports incubator and seed fund, aimed at supporting esports companies “looking to take their business or idea to the next level,” according to the organization's official press release.

“As the first esports and gaming-focused startup incubator and seed fund offering the resources of our caliber in North America, our goal is to create infrastructure for supporting and developing emerging business talent,” Ben Spoont, CEO and Co-Founder of Misfits Gaming Group, said.

The press release went on to explain that many small businesses and entrepreneurs in the esports industry are often “overlooked” by mainstream funding opportunities. According to Spoont, it's critical to support these “budding entrepreneurs” if the esports industry wants to keep growing.

“Innovative ideas from smaller companies challenge us all and create tools, services and structures that help our industry stay fresh and competitive. We are tired of waiting for the next big company to emerge in the esports and gaming industries and not be a part of it,” Spoont stated.

Misfits are the owners of the Florida Mutineers, as well as fellow Sunshine State team the Florida Mayhem, who are at the bottom of the Overwatch League pack. Misfits also have a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

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Check out the newest member of the Misfits Gaming Group umbrella by heading over to www.msfio.gg.

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