Millennia Age of Blood Complete Guide (Technology, Strategies & More)

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Millennia Age of Blood Complete Guide (Technology, Strategies & More)

Stain your blade with the blood of nations in Millennia during the game's first Crisis Age: The Age of Blood.

Millennia's history progression explores the biggest “what ifs” of our collective past. And one of the most violent ages that your nation can enter is the gruesome “Age of Blood”, an alternate scenario that locks every nation into War.

The Age of Blood is the first crisis event in Millennia. That being said, you can get a “domination” victory very early if you play your cards right.

Players with the “Raiders” National Spirit absolutely dominate in this Crisis Age. Learn what this bloody event has in store and how you can conquer other countries fast with the savage tools you'll find in the Age of Blood.

Millennia Age of Blood – Benefits

After beginning the Age of Blood, keep its special conditions in mind when you start this Crisis Age. Here's everything that happens when you enter Millennia Age of Blood:

  • All nations enter war with each other.
  • War doesn't add Unrest.
  • Chaos from conquering regions is reduced by half.
  • Military units have reduced upkeep costs.
  • Killing non-barbarian units rewards you with Warfare XP.
  • You unlock new governments.

Millennia Age of Blood – Ideals

Whenever a nation in Millennia enters a new age, they gain access to new technology that define the period. Here's everything you can get from researching technologies in the Age of Blood.


Forge your new nation in the fires of war with these Age of Blood improvements.

  • Unlocks Weaponsmith (Improvement)
  • Unlocks Furnace (Improvement)
  • Unlocks Toolsmith (Improvement)
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Supplement your ranks with fast-moving cavalry and grow your reach and influence with this earlygame Age of Blood ideal!

  • Unlocks Cavalry (Unit)
  • Increases Influence in all regions
  • +20 Warfare XP


Reinforce your regions with intimidating effigies that repel oncoming invaders.

  • Unlocks Bloodstone Walls (Building)
  • Unlocks Skull Towers (Building)
  • Melee units deal +250% damage against siege constructs


Sustain your conquered domains with important improvements and increased expansion.

  • Unlocks Midden (Improvement)
  • Unlocks Oven (Improvement)
  • Unlocks Granary (Building)
  • Unlocks Salt House (Improvement)
  • Unlocks more Towns

War Council

Get ahead of the curve with extra Knowledge  specialized housing tiles that generate Warfare XP.

  • Unlocks War Council (Improvement)
  • Unlocks Military Camp (Improvement)
  • Unlocks Papermaker (Improvement)
  • Unlocks Scriptorium (Building)


Rule with fear and maintain order by providing bloody spectacle!

  • Unlocks Fighting Pit (Improvement)
  • Unlocks Proving Ground (Building)


Spawn barbarian warlords, enlist barbarians into your army and create barbarian encampments around neighboring territories.

  • Unlocks Warlord (Warfare Cultural Power)
  • Unlocks Enlist Barbarians (Warfare Domain Power)
  • Unlocks Create Barbarian Outpost (Warfare Cultural Power)

Millennia Age of Blood

Millennia Age of Blood – Strategy

Let Loose the Dogs of War

This Crisis Age gives you all of the tools you need for a faster Domination Victory if you're already playing a Warfare build like Spartans or Raiders.

Make the most out of the additional improvements that give you Warfare XP. And if you haven't researched Defenses and Discpline on the tech tree, get them immediately. Being able to use “Reinforcements” and “Forced March” is essential for keeping troops alive and active.

Lastly, always make sure to leave armies within the settlements that you take. You can't take over the world if you don't protect your territory.

Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks

The Age of Blood tech tree focuses on maximizing your Warfare XP production through unique improvements and buildings. Winning here is fairly obvious. But if you're not running with a Warfare National Spirit, you'll be playing at a disadvantage. That said, it's not impossible to eke out a win in this Age of Blood.

If you aren't waging war with every other nation, you'll want to focus on ending this Crisis Age as quickly as possible. Luckily, you can accomplish this in two ways.

Let There Be Peace

Knowledge points quickens your Technology Tree's progress, letting you research more in lesser turns. Becoming the leading nation lets you (and the rest of the world) continue into the next Age.

Generally, this is done by fully learning three Technologies. But alternate ages like the “Age of Alchemy” require players to fulfill certain conditions in order to take that route. But if you're behind on war and tech, you're left with one other choice: buying time.

Forge alliances with nearby nations using Envoys and Merchants to gain great benefits. Getting additional Wealth also lets you speed up production if you get the necessary Technologies. At the same time, getting to ask for aid from other nations lets you focus less on Unit production and more on getting as much Democracy XP as possible — and afterwards, progress the Age.

The Age of Blood gives players a taste of how Millennia seeks to elevate the genre. As violent as it is, it's arguably the most straightforward Crisis Ages in the game. There will be more times of crisis down the line, and Millennia Age of Blood is just the beginning

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