Master The Secrets Of The Research Lab – Starfield Guide

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Master The Secrets Of The Research Lab – Starfield Guide

Unlock the secrets of the research lab with our ultimate Starfield Guide and enhance your journey through the cosmos

In the vast and mysterious universe of Starfield, knowledge is power, and the Research Lab is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of crafting, modification, and exploration. As you embark on your interstellar journey, you'll find that understanding the intricacies of research is crucial to your survival and success. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deep into the workings of the Research Lab, the various research categories, skills to enhance your research prowess, and the unique projects that await your discovery.

The Crucial Role of the Research Lab

Master The Secrets Of The Research Lab - Starfield Guide
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The hostile expanse of space in Starfield is unforgiving, filled with perils such as the dreaded Crimson Fleet, treacherous planets, and enigmatic Terrormorphs. To overcome these challenges, you must constantly upgrade your equipment and spacesuit. The Research Lab is your sanctuary for this vital task, where you'll uncover the blueprints, recipes, and modifications essential for survival.

Research Categories: A Universe of Possibilities

Master The Secrets Of The Research Lab - Starfield Guide
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The Research Lab boasts five distinct research categories, each with its own set of projects and rewards. Understanding these categories is the first step in mastering research in Starfield:

Pharmacology – Enhancing Health and Stamina

The Pharmacology category is dedicated to improving your character's physical resilience. Research projects here can lead to the discovery of powerful medical treatments, including performance-enhancing pharmaceuticals. These substances can affect your load-carrying capacity, speed, strength, and overall health.

Food and Drink – Sustenance and Health Restoration

In the Food and Drink category, you'll explore culinary and beverage research. This category is not limited to mere sustenance; it encompasses a variety of recipes, from steaks to refreshing fruit juices. These consumables are vital for restoring your health and boosting productivity. If you choose the Chef background during character creation, you'll gain access to unique ingredients and specialty recipes, enhancing your culinary expertise.

Equipment – Gear and Armor Enhancement

Equipment Research is all about improving your gear and armor, including spacesuits, helmets, and packs. Modifications to spacesuits and helmets can enhance their defensive capabilities, while packs can be optimized for better propulsion, increasing your ability to traverse different environments. Choosing the right armor sets and complementary mods is crucial for your character's survival.

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Weaponry – Maximizing Weapon Efficiency

The Weaponry Research category is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of your weapons. While melee weapons exist in the Starfield universe, firearms dominate combat. Weapon mods play a vital role here, with categories including receivers, internals, optics, magazines, batteries, muzzles, and stocks. Each mod type offers unique benefits, allowing you to tailor your weaponry to specific challenges and adversaries.

Outpost Development – Enhancing Outpost Efficiency

Outpost Development Research is centered around projects that improve the efficiency and productivity of your outposts. These outposts serve as crucial bases for rest, repair, and resource production. Research in this category can boost resource output, reduce power consumption, and unlock new structure modules, expanding the capabilities of your outposts.

Navigating the Research Lab

Master The Secrets Of The Research Lab - Starfield Guide
Credit: deltiasgaming

Understanding the research categories is only the beginning. To craft, modify, or discover new recipes, you must navigate the Research Lab effectively. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the Research Lab:

  1. Project Selection: Start by selecting a research project that aligns with your goals. Each project has specific resource requirements, so choose wisely.
  2. Resource Deposits: To initiate a research project, you must deposit the necessary resources and materials into the Research Lab. These items will be consumed during the research process.
  3. Project Completion: Once you've successfully deposited all required resources, the project will be completed. This achievement unlocks the ability to craft the corresponding items at their respective crafting stations. For example, mastering the Old Earth Cuisine project allows you to create delectable dishes at the Cooking Station.
  4. Research Progress Overflow: Keep an eye out for the phenomenon known as “Research Progress Overflow.” When depositing resources, you may experience a “Sudden Development,” earning you bonus materials. In fortunate cases, this overflow can even complete a research project, saving you valuable resources.

Enhancing Research Efficiency

In the Starfield universe, character progression plays a pivotal role in research efficiency. The Research Methods skill, categorized as a Novice Science skill, holds the key to reducing resource costs and the quantity of resources required for each research project. This skill offers four ranks, each progressively more potent. To unlock each rank, you must complete the corresponding challenges and invest skill points accordingly.

Unlocking Unique Research Projects

Master The Secrets Of The Research Lab - Starfield Guide
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The Research Lab is a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be unlocked, but not all research projects are readily available. Some are hidden behind specific skills, adding an extra layer of depth to your research journey:

  • Special Projects Skill (Master Science Tree): Unlocks experimental projects, allowing you to craft rare, exotic, and unique items.
  • Gastronomy Skill (Novice Social Skills Tree): Provides access to unique food and drink recipes, perfect for enhancing your culinary adventures.
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Locating Research Labs Across the Galaxy

Research Labs are scattered throughout the Starfield galaxy, ensuring you're never too far from a facility where you can expand your knowledge. You'll find a Research Lab right on your ship, offering convenient access to research even in the depths of space. Major settlements, such as the bustling city of New Atlantis, house numerous Research Labs. Even remote planets may surprise you with hidden facilities.

For those looking to establish a preliminary base, the Constellation Lodge is an excellent choice. Its rooms come equipped with safes offering infinite storage capacity, and it boasts a variety of crafting stations, including a Research Lab.

Utilizing the Research Lab: A Practical Example

Let's take a practical example to illustrate the importance of research in Starfield:

Scenario: Your character is struggling to withstand the harsh environmental conditions on a newly discovered desert planet. The scorching heat is taking a toll on your spacesuit's thermal protection. Without an upgrade, survival seems unlikely.

  1. Research Selection: Navigate to the Research Lab on your ship or at a nearby settlement. Access the Equipment Research category and search for “Thermal Enhancement.”
  2. Resource Gathering: Collect the required resources, including advanced thermal insulation materials, which are abundant on desert planets.
  3. Project Completion: Deposit the materials into the Research Lab and initiate the “Thermal Enhancement” project.
  4. Crafting Upgrade: With the project completed, you can now craft the “Thermal Enhancement” modification at your crafting station, improving your spacesuit's thermal protection.


Research is the cornerstone of success in Starfield. Whether you seek to enhance your character's capabilities, uncover rare and unique items, or fortify your outposts for interstellar exploration, the Research Lab is your key to achieving these goals. With a thorough understanding of research categories, efficient resource management, and skill progression, you'll unlock the full potential of your character in this sprawling universe.

As you embark on your journey through the cosmos, remember that knowledge is your most potent weapon. Embrace the challenges, explore the unknown, and let the Research Lab be your guide to becoming a true master of the stars.

Master The Secrets Of The Research Lab – Starfield Guide
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