Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Scream Boss Guide

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Scream Boss Guide

The Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Scream boss is one of the most difficult bosses to face in the game. Consequently, if you are not well prepared for this long battle, you could come out beaten up. However, you don't have to worry. In this article, we will tell you how the fight will take place and what you will have to do to get the better of this boss and continue towards what will be the final boss of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 in order to witness the ending of the game.

How to beat Scream in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

As we have already mentioned, this battle will be long and quite difficult, especially due to the fact that it will be divided into four different phases, each of which will have its special characteristics and certain attacks to pay attention to. Consequently, as we have already advised you, try to be in your best moment as you will have to face a fearsome boss for a long period.

Phase 1

As soon as the fight begins, Scream will attack you with two swings which will be the attacks that the boss will use most often during the fight. However, they are not very dangerous and with the right timing you should have no problem blocking them. Once he has carried out this attack, the boss will use a crash attack that you cannot parry in any way, but you will have to dodge.

The thing that, however, you need to know is that many of his attacks will become a sort of routine in various phases, but this does not mean at all that Scream is an easy boss to face, on the contrary. Furthermore, in this first phase, make good use of the cars that are in the battle arena. In fact, if you sound the alarm when Scream is close to you, this will cause it to become disoriented, giving you the chance to hit it in relative safety.

Also in this first phase, you will have to pay attention to her sweeping hair attack. In order to avoid it and therefore not get hit, all you have to do is slide into the air and maybe use your webs to go higher, so that you don't get hit by this attack. Don't try to parry it as this will only allow you to avoid the first attack but not the second which will catch you off guard.

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Finally, Scream will also make use of a ranged attack which, however, can be dodged without too many problems. Once you deal enough damage to her, MJ will be able to regain control of herself for a very short time, before Scream takes command of her again to continue fighting.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Scream

Phase 2

In this second phase of the battle, Scream will be able to make use of a new attack that will be present in his arsenal: a tendril attack. The best strategy to use in this case is to parry the attack. Instead, as regards the rest of the moves, since they will remain identical to those of the first phase, all you will have to do is continue using the previous strategy.

Consequently, what you have to try to do is parry and dodge as many attacks as possible so that you can have the opportunity to counterattack and inflict damage on this Marvel's Spider-Man 2 boss. In fact, Scream becomes more vulnerable when he is in a stagger state so try to make sure he finds himself there as often as possible. Once you have dealt enough damage to her, this second phase will end to begin the third.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Scream

Phase 3

After a little chat between Spider-Man and Scream, you will be ready to begin the penultimate phase of the battle. In this phase, the boss will have a new move available in his arsenal that he can use: a heavy slam attack. This is a very dangerous attack as it is capable of inflicting a lot of damage, so you will have to try to avoid it at all costs. In this case, the most effective strategy to use is to dodge the attack just when Scream finds himself in mid-air.

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Although the moves remain practically the same as the other two phases, they will now be faster and with combos of two or three attacks. Consequently, this means that you will have to be even more attentive and vigilant, as well as have excellent reflexes to avoid being hit. However, even at this stage, the most effective thing to do is to induce Scream into a stagger state in order to inflict greater damage on her. Once you inflict enough damage on her, MJ will be able to regain control of herself for a short time, before falling back into Scream's hands.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Scream

Phase 4

We have finally reached the last phase in which we will have to face this Marvel's Spider-Man 2 boss. Since this is the final stage, this means that Scream will be even more dangerous than before and there won't be much time to think about what to do, so you'll have to be very quick. Furthermore, as usual, even for this fourth and final phase Scream will have a new move available in his arsenal: a grab attack with which he will try to slam and crush you.

Also for this phase, her attacks will be very fast combos, so always be careful about having to avoid more than a single attack. Blocking attacks is the most effective strategy to use in this phase, although, she will still cause you to take damage. In fact, if you get the timing of the dodge wrong (which is very likely since the attacks are very fast), you will suffer a large amount of damage, so it is better to try to block the blows rather than try to dodge them.

Once you manage to completely empty her health bar for the umpteenth time, MJ will take control of herself again but, this time, fortunately, she will manage to get rid of her and you will no longer have to fight her. This means that you will have officially defeated Scream, one of the most difficult bosses to tackle in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Scream

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Scream Boss Guide
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