Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Sandman Boss Guide

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Sandman Boss Guide

Marvel's Spider-Man 2, unlike other games, does not consist of many boss fights, but those that are present are very cinematic. The first boss you will have to face in this adventure will be Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Sandman boss, which will serve more as a tutorial to understand what the game mechanics are and how to deal with the most dangerous threats that hide in the streets of New York. In this article, therefore, we will explain how to defeat this boss.

How to beat Sandman in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Shortly after you have started your adventure and after you have completed the first tutorial phases of the game, you will have to face the first boss, the Sandman. As we said, this fight will serve more as a tutorial to explain the game mechanics, so you shouldn't have too many difficulties, especially if you decide to play the game on the simplest difficulty. However, for completeness, in this article, we will explain in detail what you will encounter.

The thing you need to think about as soon as you start the fight is that you will have to be patient. In fact, at the beginning, you will not be able to inflict damage on Sandman, but you will have to focus on avoiding his attacks. Furthermore, in this phase, you can rely on throwing back what Sandman throws at you to inflict damage on him. Continue with this strategy until you have the opportunity to use your webs. After that, Sandman will throw you into a building and you will have to be careful not to get caught in his grasp.

At this point, you will see a person who will need help to be saved. Approach, interact with the person, and wait for Miles to intervene to help this person. Once this is done, Sandman will launch you into an area where there will be sand mobs to face and kill. This won't be very difficult, as they are weak and don't have a large arsenal of moves they can rely on. However, at some point, Sandman will summon a disproportionate number of these minions, so the only solution will be to rely on one of Spider-Man's special abilities.

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Once you get rid of the minions, Sandman will return again. At this stage, all you have to do is try to make sure that the water pipe in the area falls right on him. This will help you take control of Miles and start throwing objects at him. After a while, you will have the opportunity to crystallize Sandman's shoulder. This will cause the boss to flee and you will have the task of chasing him.

marvel's spider-man 2 sandman boss

The chase won't be very difficult, just keep in mind that when he stops, he will throw objects at you, so be careful and stop them using the cobwebs. Repeat this process until you have been able to destroy Sandman's shoulder. However, this will cause Miles to be thrown away again, so you will have to try your best to get close to him for the second time.

At this point, Sandman will make use of sand streams that are capable of inflicting quite a lot of damage on you, so try to avoid them by all means. Follow this strategy until you get the chance to throw water at Sandman again, which will allow you to hit him again. At this point, therefore, both Peter and Miles will be chased by the boss. At this juncture, you will control Miles and you will have to be careful not to be hit by attacks. Once you reach the roof, you will fall down and, once again, you will have to face mobs.

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Once you have defeated all the minions present, you will have to go to the next floor, only that, once again, the ground will resurface and Miles will be seriously injured. Heal yourself and continue eliminating all the minions in this new area. Once this is done, Sandman will destroy the building and this will be great news for you as you can throw a container of water at him.

At this point, you will take control of Peter again. Again, be careful not to get hit by Sandman's attacks. As soon as you have the opportunity to hit the enemy using webs, take advantage of it. However, keep in mind that you will have to fight other minions at this stage of the battle as well. Once you have defeated everyone, you will be able to carry out another web strike against Sandman.

At some point, Miles will return to the fight and help you release a deadly beam that will be able to defeat Sandman. With this last attack, you will be able to put an end to this first battle and you will be ready to face all the other bosses that are present in the game. As for Sandman, he will be captured and put in a place where he can no longer harm anyone.

marvel's spider-man 2 sandman boss

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