Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Set to Unleash 5 Gamechanging Features

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Set to Unleash 5 Gamechanging Features

As Marvel's Spider-Man 2 approaches its October 20 release date, let's take a look at the new features that could make your web-slinging journey more special

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is gearing up for a highly-anticipated release on October 20, and it stands as one of the most eagerly awaited additions to the expanding roster of new PlayStation 5 (PS5) games. The excitement surrounding this title is well-founded, and for good reason. This open-world action-adventure game promises to deliver an exhilarating gaming experience, reuniting us with the beloved dual protagonists, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, as they embark on fresh and thrilling web-slinging escapades.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: What are the Best New Features?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 faces the formidable challenge of living up to the lofty standards set by its predecessors, Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The eagerly anticipated sequel, however, brings with it a set of exhilarating upgrades that are sure to delight Spider-Man fans. Here are five new features that will make Marvel's Spider-Man 2 stand out.

Fall Damage

Insomniac Games has introduced a feature that enables players to activate fall damage in the new game, enhancing the sense of realism while swinging through New York. Players will have the option to switch it off if they prefer not to have it.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2, new, features

Photo Credit: Insomniac Games and Sony Entertainment

This exciting addition promises to elevate the overall realism and intensity of your superhero adventures in the bustling metropolis of New York City. By enabling fall damage, you'll need to be even more strategic and cautious when navigating the cityscape, as every high-flying leap and dramatic descent now carries real consequences. This means that mastering Spidey's acrobatic skills and using them judiciously will be essential to avoid those bone-crunching falls.

Game Speed

Players have the option to slow down the game's action by significant margins, choosing from 70 percent, 50 percent, or 30 percent of the normal speed. This empowers players to tailor their gameplay to their own preferences and abilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the Spider-Man adventure on their own terms.

Spider-Man 2, new, features

Photo Credit: Insomniac Games and Sony Entertainment

This accessibility setting is not a permanent adjustment. Players have the freedom to switch back to full-speed gameplay at any moment, maintaining a dynamic and engaging gaming experience while still providing a helping hand when needed.

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The introduction of this innovative feature in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 promises to be a valuable tool for players, particularly when navigating challenging and intense combat encounters. When you are swarmed by adversaries from all directions, it would help to slow down the game to deal with your threats one by one. I wish I could have taken advantage of this accessibility feature while fighting the Sinister Six in the first game.

Audio Frequency Control

Audio frequency controls extend a helping hand to gamers looking for a more customized and comfortable audio experience. These settings empower players by offering them the ability to tailor their game's audio to their preferences, ensuring that they can enjoy their gaming adventures without discomfort.

Players have the freedom to set cutoff points for sounds above and below specific frequencies, providing a unique opportunity to filter out sounds that might be jarring or unsettling. What's even more impressive is the option to entirely remove specific frequency ranges. This means that players can selectively eliminate frequencies that they find disruptive or unpleasant, effectively customizing the game's audio landscape to suit their comfort and immersion levels.

On top of all that, there are separate volume sliders for different categories further enhancing the player's control over the audio environment.

Faster Wall Crawling

In the previous two installments of the Spider-Man series, a recurring critique among players was the somewhat lackluster experience of wall-climbing. It appeared that the traversal mechanics for crawling did not quite live up to expectations, and often felt slow. Thankfully, Insomniac Games has taken significant strides to address them in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel, according to the lucky gamers who had the opportunity to try the game early on.

Speedier wall-crawling opens up exciting gameplay possibilities. It enables the player to quickly maneuver around enemies, dodge incoming attacks, and engage in high-speed chases. It also brings about a deeper sense of immersion. Faster wall-crawling allows players to more convincingly step into the shoes of the web-slinger, feeling the adrenaline rush as they seamlessly traverse the city's vertical landscapes.

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Skill Based Swinging

The 2018 game reminded me of those iconic Sam Raimi Spiderman films, every time I swung by the New York skyscrapers. The swinging mechanic in that game was already superb, and it's exciting to learn that the developers are committed to elevating it even further.

To achieve this, they are introducing a new feature called the “Swing Steering Assist” option. This addition aims to enhance your swinging experiences, promising to take the already fantastic mechanics to new heights.

James Stevenson, Community and Marketing Director of Insomniac Games, says rather than being a tool primarily designed to ease gameplay, Swing Assistance offers players the opportunity to ramp up the challenge if they so desire.

By default, Swing Assistance is dialed up to level 10, representing the highest degree of support and guidance for swinging through the city. This setting ensures a more accessible and forgiving swinging experience, ideal for newcomers and those looking to enjoy the game's narrative without grappling with the intricacies of traversal.

The real marvel of this feature lies in its flexibility. Players who crave a more demanding and skill-intensive swinging experience are not only accommodated but encouraged to tailor the gameplay to their liking. With the option to scale down Swing Assistance as much as they wish, players can ratchet up the difficulty, making swinging require greater finesse, precision, and mastery of Spider-Man's acrobatic abilities.









Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Set to Unleash 5 Gamechanging Features
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