Marvel Snap: Cull Obsidian Deck Profile and Build Guide

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Marvel Snap: Cull Obsidian Deck Profile and Build Guide

Cull Obsidian is an incredibly powerful card for a very low cost. But to play it you will need to meet certain requirements, which will be discussed here!

Cull Obsidian is physically the strongest member in Thanos’ Black Order. He appears as a prominent threat to the Avengers in both the movies and the comics. And when he was introduced in Marvel Snap, fans immediately started forming ideas about how to make the most optimal deck around this card. But if you are struggling to understand how this card would work in a deck, here’s our guide on the best Cull Obsidian Marvel Snap deck!

Cull Obsidian Card Profile

Marvel Snap: Cull Obsidian Deck Profile and Build Guide
Credit: Marvel Snap Zone

Cull Obsidian is a 4-Cost card with a Power of 10, making him one of the best strongest 4 drops in the game. However, there is a catch when playing this card – it can only be played at a location with an Infinity Stone. On the plus side, this card cannot be destroyed, which makes it a formidable play in any location. 

The Best Cull Obsidian Marvel Snap Deck Build Guide

Cull Obsidian is a heavy-hitter and can give a significant point advantage in any given location. But due to the requirement of an Infinity Stone, Cull Obsidian can only be played in Thanos decks. Thankfully, given how strong Thanos decks are currently, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Here’s our recommended deck that you should try:

Card Cost Power
Nebula 1 1
Quinjet 1 2
Black Swan 2 3
Jeff 2 3
Psylocke 2 2
Storm 3 2
Iron Lad 4 6
Cull Obsidian 4 10
Professor X 5 1
Devil Dinosaur 5 3
Alioth 6 2
Thanos 6 10


What Are the Abilities of the Cards?

Here’s the breakdown of all the card abilities in this deck:

  1. Nebula – Each turn your opponent doesn’t play a card here, +2 Power. (except the turn you play this)
  2. Quinjet – Ongoing: Cards that didn’t start in your deck cost 1 less. (minimum 1)
  3. Black Swan – On Reveal: Until the end of next turn, your 1-Cost cards cost 0.
  4. Jeff – You can move this once. Nothing can stop you from moving or playing this to any location.
  5. Psylocke – On Reveal: Next turn, you get +1 Energy.
  6. Storm – On Reveal: Flood this location. Next turn is the last turn cards can be played here.
  7. Iron Lad – On Reveal: Copy the text of your deck’s top card.
  8. Cull Obsidian – You can only play this at a location with an Infinity Stone. Ongoing: Can’t be destroyed.
  9. Professor X – Ongoing: Lock down this location. (Cards can’t be added, removed, etc.)
  10. Devil Dinosaur – Ongoing: +2 Power for each card in your hand.
  11. Alioth – On Reveal: Destroy all unrevealed enemy cards here.
  12. Thanos – At the start of the game, shuffle the six Infinity Stones into your deck.
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How Does the Deck Work?

This deck build primarily revolves around Thanos and the Infinity Stones. That’s why it is imperative that we combine other cards that synergize well with it. Here’s the play by play:

  • Turn 1: The best card to play in your first turn is Quinjet as it reduces the cost of all your other cards that are not in your hand by 1. Similarly, if you have any of the Infinity Stones in hand, you can start the game with them as well.

  • Turn 2: For turn 2, you should look to play Black Swan as it allows you to put down your Infinity Stones for free this turn, ramping up your momentum to Thanos. If you don’t have Black Swan in hand, then Jeff or Psylocke are also great alternatives.

  • Turn 3: Putting down Storm to take control of a location this turn will allow you to have a lot of control over the game. However, if you played Quinjet prior to this round, then you can start utilizing your 4-Cost cards this turn.

  • Turn 4: By now you should have at least one Infinity Stone on board so that you can play Cull Obsidian this turn. However, in the off chance that you weren’t able to play him, Iron Lad can come in clutch because of its great stats as well as the ability to copy your top card’s ability.

  • Turn 5: Both Devil Dinosaur and Professor X are great plays for turn 5. If you have lots of cards in your hand, then Devil Dinosaur can ensure a location win. On the other hand, if you need to lock down a location your opponent is bound to play a 6-cost heavy hitter in, Professor X is the way to go.

  • Turn 6: Your turn 6 play should be centered around Thanos and having all the Infinity Stones on the board. Alioth can also give you an edge over your opponent if they are determined to take a location in the final turn. 
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Ending Thoughts

Playing Cull Obsidian and then comboing it with Thanos can make for a very strong deck. That is why we prepared this guide to show you how great of an addition it can be! The key is to experiment and see which lineup best suits your needs. For more Marvel Snap guides and gaming features, visit ESTNN!

Marvel Snap: Cull Obsidian Deck Profile and Build Guide
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