Marquette Makes Esports an Official Varsity Sport

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Marquette Makes Esports an Official Varsity Sport

Marquette University will be the first major athletic conference school to add esports as a varsity sport. 

“Being named after an explorer means it’s in Marquette’s DNA to define the opportunities of tomorrow and ensure we’re anticipating what future students will expect. Marquette embraces new methods of teaching and areas of study, and esports and gaming, in general, have the potential to impact both, while also helping to strengthen our student recruitment prospects in an increasingly competitive environment.” – Marquette President Michael Lovell

Currently, Ohio State, Utah, and Missouri also have similar esports programs. Additionally, Robert Morris has had an esports scholarship program since 2014. Marquette has had an esports team since 2015.

Marquette's plans include a state-of-the-art esports facility. The facility will include a dedicated broadcast and production area and will be open to all students.

“Marquette has been closely watching the development of esports, both as a global trend and as an integral part of the future of the Big East Conference. We expect that our varsity esports team will collaborate closely with our Department of Computer Science, positively impact student recruitment, and provide an avenue for leadership development and teamwork opportunities for students who may not otherwise have been engaged in activities outside the classroom.” – Marquette Athletic Director Bill Scholl

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