Magmorax Boss Guide, Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible

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Magmorax Boss Guide, Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible

After defeating Zskarn players will be faced with Magmorax as their next challenge. Let's take a look at what he can do.


Magmorax’s positioning is important during the fight. Tanks must make sure to keep Magmorax away from Magma Puddles. If Magmorax touches a puddle he will gain Blazing Tantrum, this gives him 5 energy and inflicts raid wide damage every second. The best place to position Magmorax throughout the fight is near the edge of the platform. The reason for this is because of his ability Overpowering Stomp, which deals raid wide damage and knocks back all players. By having Magmorax on the edge of the platform players can get knocked towards the center of the platform instead of off the platform into the lava. His main tank buster is Incinerating Maws. This deals heavy physical damage and applies a 30 second dot that deals damage every 1.5 seconds for 30 seconds. Tanks should swap after each application.  

Occasionally Magmorax will mark 3 random players with Molten Spittle. This deals fire damage every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds. When Molten Spittle expires, the player will explode dealing heavy fire damage to them and anyone within 10yds. A Magma Puddle is left behind after the explosion. Players with this need to get away from the boss ASAP. These Magma Puddles will continue to grow in size if no player is in them. To get rid of these one or more players must stand in the puddle until it disappears.

Players standing in Magma Puddles have stacks of Searing Heat applied every second. Searing Heat is a dot that deals fire damage every second and lasts 20 seconds once a player is no longer standing in a Magma Puddle. Players that have high stacks should avoid soaking puddles since high stacks of the dot can be deadly. The best way to handle Molten Spittle is to have one player drop a puddle to the left of the boss, one to the right of the boss, and one behind the boss. Then players can help soak and lose the least amount of uptime.   

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Magmorax’s next ability Igniting Roar which deals raid wide damage and applies a permanent dot that persists through death and deals fire damage every second. Each Igniting Roar applies one stack of the dot making the fight more dangerous the longer it goes on for. Healers should plan cooldowns to deal with the increasing power of Igniting Roar.  

Igniting Roar triggers a Lava Ejection, which spawns several circles around the area where lava will land. Each must be soaked by one player, if the lava lands without hitting a player then the entire raid takes heavy damage and a Magma Puddle is formed. Players that soak this take fire damage and get a debuff that increases the damage they take from Lava Ejection by 150% for 1 minute. To manage this players need to coordinate soak groups so there is always someone available to soak.  

Magmorax's last ability is Blazing Breath, he will face a random player and cast a frontal cone. Players should move out of this ASAP to avoid deadly fire damage. When Magmorax reaches 100 energy he will enrage with Catastrophic Eruption. This increases Magmorax’s physical damage by 50% and causes him to pulsate heavy raid wide fire damage every 2 seconds. Each pulse of damage also applies a stacking debuff that increases the fire damage players take by 50%. Basically this is the enrage that is meant to wipe the raid, so players must kill Magmorax before he reaches 100 energy. 

Heroic Changes 

On Heroic players that get 40 stacks of Searing Heat will be Incinerated and instantly die. This forces players to be more cautious about who is soaking. It does take a while to get to 40 stacks so as long as players take turns soaking this should not be an issue.

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Mythic Changes 

On Mythic Searing Heat no longer expires and must be managed for the entire fight, this also means that Searing Heat will persist through death. If someone dies with 40 stacks do not battle rez them because they will instantly die. The biggest change is that one of the players marked by Molten Spittle will instead have Explosive Magma applied. This is a soak mechanic that splits damage evenly among all players hit and spawns a Magma Pool. The entire raid should stack for this to reduce the damage as much as possible and defensives should be used if you have high stacks of Searing Heat.  

This soak mechanic does change up the strategy slightly. Players will now want the player with Explosive Magma to stack on the group, while the other players with Molten Spittle will go to the left and right side of the boss. After the soak players should immediately go and soak the other two Magma Pools to keep them under control.  

Since Searing Heat is permanent now it will be important to minimize how many stacks players get. To do this players should stop soaking the extra Magma Pools soon after the second knockback. Instead two of the players will drop these pools behind the raid and on the very edge of the platform. Then Tanks will move Magmorax clockwise and on the edge of the platform to keep him away from the pools. This way the only pool players will have to soak is the one from Explosive Magma.  

Magmorax Boss Guide, Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible
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